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OMNIBUS GUN CHANGES bill can still pass if we…

Dear CCTA Members and Friends,

Back in June, the NC House passed HB-746, the Omnibus Gun Changes bill.  This bill started out as a Constitutional carry bill, but there were not enough true conservatives in the House to pass it.  However, much work was done in the House Republican Caucus, and this bill (HB-746) finally passed and was sent to the Senate.  It is not as good as it once was, but, if passed, it WILL roll back some of the unconstitutional infringements that we’ve been living with.

What happened in the Senate?

Well, it passed the first reading and was referred to the Rules and Operations of the Senate Committee where it continues to languish today.  If you look at that Committee on the General Assembly webpage at, you will find that approximately 600 other bills are keeping it company there.

What is this all about?

That committee is being used as a graveyard for bills.  However, some of them will probably be reported out and sent to the floor of the Senate and be voted on.  Some will pass.  Which ones?  Well, it’s popular to say, “Follow the money; who stands to benefit from this and as a result is making donations to Senators’s coffers?”  Historically, that has happened over and over again.

A new model may be emerging.  That model might best be described as “Follow what the activists are working on.”

If enough of us call or email Senator Bill Rabon (Chairman of the Rules and Operations of the Senate Committee) and ask him to have his committee report HB-746 out so that it can be voted on, we could help make it happen.  Grass Roots North Carolina is already working to get HB-746 passed.  Let’s join them and write or call…

Senator Bill Rabon, Chairman, Rules and Operations of the Senate Committee

If you’re REALLY ambitions, you can scroll down the General Assembly webpage (see URL above) to where the committee members are listed, hover over each name, click and go to his or her info page, and call or write him or her, too!

Let’s get this done!  Oh, and we might want to thank Representatives Larry Pittman, Michael Speciale, Chris Millis, and Justin Burr  the next time we see them.  They are the primary sponsors of the bill.



Raynor James, Chairman, CCTA’s State Legislative Action Committee


CCTA Members at March 4 Trump Rally Raleigh

Some neat pictures at the rally for Trump in Raleigh!



Ann t, Hal, Ed S, and Gladys among another part of listening crowd                                     Banners for victims of illegal aliens unfurled

Connor Groce, conservative author speaks

Deceased victims of illegal aliens remembered







Ed, Gladys, Catherine, Matt, and Raynor at breakfast                                                             Gadi Adelman speaks about Muslim Brotherhood plans








Hal talks to NC Sen Rabin (COL, US Army Ret)

NC Sen Rabin (Col US Army Ret)  speaks





  Listeners, incl Connie Hanna, Gladys Suessle


Michele Nix speaks at Raleigh Trump rally


Sue Googe, 2016 Candidate for Congress speaks                                                                                                                                                                    NC Rep Jimmy Dixon speaks

NC Fisheries Commission’s meeting-Wilmington

Dear CCTA Members and Friends,
Eight CCTA members drove to Wilmington this past Wednesday to participate in the NC Fisheries Commission’s meeting to consider whether or not to approve the NC Wildlife Federation’s draconian petition for rulemaking relative to commercial shrimping. Kim and Glenn Fink, Katherine Wyatt, Gladys Suessle, and Hal and Raynor James each spoke against the petition, and Marilyn Fink and Ed Suessle were in the amen corner.
There were about two to three hundred people in attendance. Contrast that with the thousand or so people who attended the public meeting on the same subject held by the 5 advisory committees (which each voted to recommend against the petition) to the Fisheries Commission in New Bern last month. I asked one of the commercial fishermen why there were not more in attendance and was told that the location is too far and too expensive for many.
While there were more speakers in favor of the petition than in the New Bern meeting, the preponderance of speakers were against the petition.
As you’re probably aware, The County Compass newspaper has run a series of articles on the petition, how commercial shrimping works, and the science that undermines the “logic” of the petition.  (We took copies of the paper to the meeting, and they were snatched up rapidly.)
Also, a professor at ECU, Joe Luscavich, again told about the thesis written by his graduate student, Rebecca Deeile. This thesis has been peer reviewed and published, and it actually touts some commercial shrimping activity as being beneficial to the health of marine life. (The entire thesis had previously been submitted to the Commission.)
The petition largely centers on the pretense of wanting to reduce fin fish by-catch.
You’ll remember that the General Assembly set up the Fisheries Commission with the intention that it handle fisheries management in a way that balanced the interests of all North Carolinians based on science and fairness. In addition to science being represented, sports fishermen and commercial fishermen were to be equally represented on the Commission. Also, there were 2 members-at-large.
As a result, fisheries management plans were established for each species.
The 2015 management plan for shrimp authorized the study of by-catch reduction devices and set a target goal of a 40% reduction in fin fish by-catch to be achieved by the end of 2017.
Commercial shrimpers cooperated, and in the first year of studying and testing gear, a 39.7% reduction was achieved.
It doesn’t stop there. In 2016, while testing several different types of gear, reductions ranged from 46% to 55%.
People involved in the gear testing have been speaking confidently about achieving by-catch reductions of as much as 60% by the end of 2017. Commercial shrimpers have made amazing strides in fin fish by-catch reductions, and they appear to be on the cusp of making even more!
How are they being rewarded?
Our CCTA members returned to Wilmington on Thursday to hear the Fisheries Commission’s decision. Would they accept or reject the petition?
They accepted the petition. The vote was 5 in favor, 3 against, and 1 abstention.
We sat through two days of tedious meetings for this travesty? Watermen and their supporters stood and left the meeting. In the hallway, there were tears and anger. How could this have happened? What is fair about this?
Politics, that’s how.
Before he left office, Governor Pat McCrory appointed 2 people to the member-at-large seats who are in the sports fishermen/nutty extreme conservationists’ camp, and they provided 2 of the votes to accept. (As a personal aside, I voted for Governor McCrory, and I was sorry to see him lose, but how did his conscience allow him to do this?)
If the items in the petition are implemented, we can say good-bye to North Carolina shrimp in seafood markets and restaurants. We will be forced to buy foreign seafood, much of which is raised in polluted waters, if we are to have any. That’s what will happen to North Carolina consumers, and it’s bad, but what will happen to North Carolina watermen and their families? They’ll lose their livelihoods and their way of life. That’s what. Fair???
There is hope however. The process to implement the petition is long (a year or more) and convoluted. There are points at which it can still be chucked out. We need to follow it and work against it.
Also, in the last short session, Senator Bill Cook introduced a bill that would eliminate the 2 at-large seats on the Fisheries Commission. We need to ask him to dust off that bill and resubmit it.

Also, our CCTA public meeting this coming Tuesday (2-21-17) will feature 2 speakers on the pros and cons of this issue. Jerry Shill, president of the North Carolina Fisheries Association, will represent commercial fishermen. Donald Willis, Vice President of Coastal Conservation Association, will represent recreational fishermen and whacko, extreme environmentalists. (Yes, I know. I’ve already made up my mind, but I promise to be polite as CCTA members always are.)
Please come to the meeting, invite your representatives in the General Assembly to come, listen, ask questions, and help me figure out how we can help right this wrong.


Raynor James, Chairman
CCTA’s State Legislative Action Committee

Shrimp Petition by NC Wildlife Federation- Could End Commercial Shrimping in NC Waters

Dear CCTA Members and Friends,

Hal and I spent an interesting day yesterday in the midst of fascinating people and events. To jump to the bottom line, the day went well for shrimpers, fishermen, and those of us who enjoy fresh, succulent, wholesome, locally caught shrimp and seafood, but the last shoe has not fallen yet.

We parked in Union Point Park about 10 a.m. and walked to the point where there was a collection of people. Some were talking to each other. Some were walking dogs. Some (including Jerry Schill, President of the North Carolina Fisheries Association) were being interviewed by TV personalities. All were noticing the flotilla of work boats at anchor off the point. One young man was painting a lovely picture of one of the boats. The atmosphere was electric.
We walked under the bridge to the New Bern Convention Center in time for the prayer meeting and pep talk at 11 a.m. led by Jerry. A minister, a marine biologist, some fishermen, and a member of the North Carolina House (Michael Speciale) were among the people who led us in prayer. Jerry closed out the meeting by encouraging folks to be energetic and forceful in their remarks, but to remain respectful and polite.
The main feature of the day, the meeting conducted by 5 advisory committees to the North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission started a few minutes late, but it was well conducted. They first heard a presentation on the petition that has been put forward on behalf of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation. (I have to ‘fess up that I had some very sarcastic thoughts chase themselves through my head while this was going on.)
Next, members of the Committees had the opportunity to ask questions and make statements about the petition, its intended consequences, and its perhaps un-intended consequences. (I began to feel better while this was going on.)
That was followed by a presentation by people representing the state’s current program under its fisheries management plan noting their successes to date in working with industry members to achieve finfish bycatch reduction, and making observations about differences in how they’re proceeding now, and what the process would be like if the petition were approved.
After that, 3 people representing the North Carolina Fisheries Association, Jerry Schill, Jess Hawkins (a retired marine biologist who worked for the NC Department of Fisheries for years), and another marine biologist whose name I didn’t catch (which is a shame because he expressed himself very well) made presentations to counter the petition and ask that it be denied. I came to the conclusion while these gentlemen were talking that the petitioners and their aiders and abettors should be ashamed of themselves.

Following that, the meeting was opened to allow each person who had signed up to do so, to speak for or against approving the petition. What emerged was truly amazing. Fishermen and women have a rather solitary job, but can they ever express themselves well. It was clear that some of them were not accustomed to public speaking, but even those folks were logical, plain spoken, and heartfelt.

People on the periphery of the shrimping/fishing industry did well, too. From seafood distributors, to people dealing with tourists, to those of us who represent masses of North Carolinians who want to eat fresh North Carolina seafood and don’t fish, each added something of value to the conversation. One man was a complete surprise. He was a professor at East Carolina University who had a doctoral student do her thesis on exactly the subject of the petition. The thesis has been peer-reviewed and published. I gather much of it refutes assertions made by the petitioners. The professor summarized differences and presented a bound tome to the person chairing the meeting. It will be presented to the Commission.

At yesterday morning’s Craven County Board of Commissioners’ meeting, our Commissioners passed a resolution urging denial of the petition. At the request of our Commissioners, Hal presented that when he had an opportunity to speak. (Isn’t it nice to feel in concert with our Commissioners for a change?) Several other counties presented similar resolutions.
There were a handful of people who spoke for the petition.
At about 6:45 p.m., the chairman cut off the speakers. (There were still about 60 people who wished to speak.) He said they had the room for a limited amount of time, and he wanted each of the 5 advisory committees to have an opportunity to vote on whether to recommend approval of the petition to the Commission before they needed to vacate the premises.
Each of the 5 committees held meetings in succession. The Northern Advisory Committee voted to recommend the petition be denied by a vote of 9 to 1. The Shell Fish and Crustacean Advisory Committee voted to recommend petition denial by 8 to 1. The Finfish Advisory Committee voted to recommend denial by 7 to 1 with one person not voting. The Southern Advisory Committee voted for denial by 6 to 0 with one person not voting. The Habitat and Water Quality Advisory Committee voted for denial by 7 to 1 with one person not voting.
Some of the people on the committees are also on the Commission. We talked to people who know the “cast of characters” pretty well and were told that 2 committee people who did not vote are on the Commission, 1 who voted for denial is on the Commission, and 2 who voted for approval of the petition are on the Commission. Also, 6 of the people who are working on the current management program to reduce finfish bycatch are on the Commission. (That management program is going great, by the way. They were asked to set a 40% reduction in bycatch as a goal, and they are currently achieving a reduction that ranges from 45% to 55%!)
Many CCTA members and friends were there. Eddella Johnson, Kim and Glenn Fink, Marilyn Fink, Gladys and Ed Suessle, Don Murdoch, Howard and Patsy Garner, Ron Cherry, Mary Griswold, Bob Stash, Katherine Wyatt, Lucy Dicktel, Kathy New, Ann and Will Bowman, and Jeff Aydelette to name a few. Several of us spoke. Several more signed up to speak, but had to leave to prepare for our CCTA meeting that evening, or were among the 60 people denied the opportunity because of time constraints. (Kim was one of these, and it’s a darned shame because she always expresses ideas so well.)
So, as we began, here we are again. It went well because good folks showed up and did their best. However, the last shoe has not fallen. The North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission will assemble in Wilmington on February 15, and it is at that meeting they’ll vote for approval or denial of the petition.
We still have a couple of days (until 5 p.m. on 1-20-17) to send written comments to the Marine Fisheries Commission. Write to (I plan to take a couple of minutes to drop them a short, clear note. I hope you will, too.)
Hal and I are really sorry we missed the CCTA meeting last night. The meeting at the Convention Center didn’t end until after our meeting had started, and for once, Hal and I just ran out of steam – all the go had gone!


Hal & Raynor James

Boats draw interest at Union Point Park

Three Fishermen

Work boats anchored off Union Point 1-17-17

“Papa’s Girl” draws attention at Union Point, New Bern

  The folks, the boats, and TV people at Union Point

Gathering for prayer meeting…
Row 1, 3rd and 4th people in, Peggy & Howard Garner
Row 2, Eddella Johnson, Mary Griswold, Hal James
Row 3, Kathy New, Hazel Speciale, Glenn Fink (standing)

Right side of room at Public meeting on NC Wildlife proposed petition…
Right foreground, Will Bowman, Ann Bowman, Mary Griswold, and Eddella Johnson

Left side of room during public meeting on Petition…
Foreground, Katherine Wyatt and Don Murdoch

2nd Amendment Update



August 18


A  volunteer with

Grass Roots NC,

will be sharing important information related to our Second Amendment rights as follows:

The primary topic will be a legislative update to include recent past, current and future activities related to gun rights. Information will be shared on our NC General Assembly members as it relates to their role in protecting our gun rights.

Provide some history on how the NC General Assembly has traditionally handled gun rights legislation (omnibus bills) and if we should, how we should work to influence the approach for improved outcomes. What is our best strategy to get meaningful legislation?

Provide information on other GRNC activities or programs that may be of interest to our membership and the general public.

As North Carolina’s most effective gun rights organization, Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC) was created in 1994 as an independent, all-volunteer 501(c)(4) not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving constitutional freedoms. Most – but not all – of the organization’s projects are devoted to defending the individual right to keep and bear arms.


Wakeup Call – Greg Brannon

Tomorrow 03-20-2015, Dr. Greg Brannon on a special edition of Wakeup Call talks about Uncompromising liberty!

6:30 am on 94.1 FM WNBU or available at 7:00 am on our website HERE!

We The People -By Dr. Gregory J. Brannon


Where does sovereign power come from and to whom is it bestowed? In other words, from where does the government derive its power?

We The People

The Health of America – By Dr. Gregory J. Brannon


The Health of America

The American Dream – By Dr. Gregory J. Brannon


Your American Dream is probably different than your neighbor’s, and that’s the beauty. We each determine how we personally define the American Dream in our lives.

The American Dream

The Oath – By Dr. Gregory J. Brannon

Oath-a solemn promise, often involving a divine witness, regarding one’s future action or behavior.


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