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Islam vs. Christianity – a Side-by-Side Comparison

COMPARIASON – Islam vs Christianity – Side-by-Side Comparison April 2015

Sharia vs US constitution Fact sheet 10

Sharia vs US constitution Fact sheet 10

Islamic Fact Sheet 9

Islamic Fact Sheet 9 – January 6, 2016

Islamic Fact Sheet 8

Islamic Fact Sheet 8 – October 07, 2015

Islamic Fact Sheet 7

Islamic Fact Sheet 7 Women Toys

OMNIBUS GUN CHANGES bill can still pass if we…

Dear CCTA Members and Friends,

Back in June, the NC House passed HB-746, the Omnibus Gun Changes bill.  This bill started out as a Constitutional carry bill, but there were not enough true conservatives in the House to pass it.  However, much work was done in the House Republican Caucus, and this bill (HB-746) finally passed and was sent to the Senate.  It is not as good as it once was, but, if passed, it WILL roll back some of the unconstitutional infringements that we’ve been living with.

What happened in the Senate?

Well, it passed the first reading and was referred to the Rules and Operations of the Senate Committee where it continues to languish today.  If you look at that Committee on the General Assembly webpage at, you will find that approximately 600 other bills are keeping it company there.

What is this all about?

That committee is being used as a graveyard for bills.  However, some of them will probably be reported out and sent to the floor of the Senate and be voted on.  Some will pass.  Which ones?  Well, it’s popular to say, “Follow the money; who stands to benefit from this and as a result is making donations to Senators’s coffers?”  Historically, that has happened over and over again.

A new model may be emerging.  That model might best be described as “Follow what the activists are working on.”

If enough of us call or email Senator Bill Rabon (Chairman of the Rules and Operations of the Senate Committee) and ask him to have his committee report HB-746 out so that it can be voted on, we could help make it happen.  Grass Roots North Carolina is already working to get HB-746 passed.  Let’s join them and write or call…

Senator Bill Rabon, Chairman, Rules and Operations of the Senate Committee

If you’re REALLY ambitions, you can scroll down the General Assembly webpage (see URL above) to where the committee members are listed, hover over each name, click and go to his or her info page, and call or write him or her, too!

Let’s get this done!  Oh, and we might want to thank Representatives Larry Pittman, Michael Speciale, Chris Millis, and Justin Burr  the next time we see them.  They are the primary sponsors of the bill.



Raynor James, Chairman, CCTA’s State Legislative Action Committee


Legislative Action Report on Education, Money, Jihadists in NC, and more

Dear CCTA Members and Friends,

If you don’t have much time, please go directly to the paragraph below with the words North Carolina Education Plan in bold type for a free solution to one of our most perplexing problems, and read that. Then, drop down to the paragraph with the words Syrian refugees in bold type, and read to the end.

I’ve talked to several legislators since the close of the General Assembly session. Most of them have expressed the same general idea about the budget. That is they take pleasure in the fact that the increase in spending is pretty much limited to the increase in North Carolina’s population plus the rise of costs caused by inflation.

Let that sink in a minute.

What’s wrong with it?

Well, it’s right and proper only if spending in the prior year was an appropriate amount. It seems to me that government was too big in the prior year, and it will be too big next year, too. And this is with a Republican majority who say they want smaller government. We need to communicate with our representatives at all levels of government that we are serious about wanting smaller government.

There are three more topics I’ve discussed with legislators recently.

We want Common Core academic standards gone from North Carolina. To a person, every legislator to whom I’ve expressed that desire has said that after they’ve received the report of the Academic Standards Review Commission in December, they expect a sub-committee of the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee to be set up to consider the report and how to follow up on it. They don’t want to lose the time over the winter before the next legislative session convenes.

That is a terrific idea, and I hope it happens. Please express that notion to every legislator whose ear you can get.

Also, in testimony before the Commission, Jerry Egolf, Linda Harper, and Kathy Young presented the North Carolina Education Plan as a proposed replacement for Common Core. Please ask the legislators with whom you discuss this issue to take a close look at it. Sandra Stotsky (one of the two professors on the Common Core Validation Committee who refused to sign off on Common Core) has praised the North Carolina Education Plan. The plan can be downloaded for free by going to

I asked Senator Norman Sanderson about why we had failed to get rid of the requirement for a Certificate of Need in North Carolina, and when we might expect to get rid of it. He said he’s unsure about why it didn’t pass in the recently completed session, but he believes it has a good chance to pass in the upcoming session.

I had thought this issue was dead. Thank goodness I was wrong! Please tell every legislator you can that you want this to come before them in the short session, and tell them very plainly that you want the Certificate of Need (CON) requirement gone.

I also asked Norm about how we can get Syrian refugees (actually, potential Islamic Jihadists) out of North Carolina. He spoke of Governor Pat McCrory’s statement on the subject, and said he’d immediately sent the Governor a letter expressing appreciation for his action.

Both things are good, but we need to do more. We already have 59 Syrians relocated in North Carolina, and we are still threatened with the influx of many, many more. We are kind people, but we would be exceedingly foolish if we exposed our children, grandchildren, and ourselves to that Trojan horse. Please call, write, and pester our U.S. and N.C. representatives about removing this serious threat to our homeland.

If government can’t get protecting our citizens right, everything else will quickly become a moot point.

Very truly yours,


(Raynor James, Chairman, Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association’s Legislative Action Committee)

Refugee Resettlement in New Bern

Matt Schwob attended the Interfaith Refugee Ministry Quarterly Community Consultation Meeting held Oct 27th, 3:00 pm, at 311 Middle Street, New Bern.

The purpose of the meeting was to inform local agencies, who are providing services to incoming refugees to Eastern NC, that there would be an increase in the number of refugees coming to our area by 25…bringing the total to approximately 200 overall for FY2016. The agencies are social services, schools, police, fire, county and city elected officials and health department. Various church pastors were also present.

The slide presentation discussed the process of bringing refugees to the U.S., discussed the security process to vet refugees, how they arrive in New Bern, time line for applying for Social Security Number, food stamps, medical screening and job placement.

Commissioners Steve Tyson and George Liner were present as well as Senator Norm Sanderson who arrived later. George Liner asked several good questions with respect to particular groups (Syrians) coming to the area.

“Director Husson is not aware of any Syrians or what nationalities are coming to New Bern at this time.”

I had asked about the young man who killed three (3) children and her answer was “well, we have killers here who are American citizens”.  I also asked about the cost of his incarceration and medical expenses which is being paid for by the taxpayers of Craven County.

I did get the opportunity to speak with one of the local police officers…I expressed my concern with the influx of refugees who may not want to become Americans and wish us harm.

Meeting with Craven County Schools Finance Officer – 10/16/2015

Meeting with Craven County Schools Finance Officer – 10/16/2015

In attendance: Denise Altman – Finance Officer

Sandy Carlaccini – Director of Federal Programs

Dr. AnnetteBrown – Assistant Superintendent For Instruction

Hal James – CCTA

Brad Cummings – CCTA

Craven County schools receive 2-year, federal grants for each of their English as a Second Language (ESL) students based on the previous year’s head count.   For fiscal years (October) 2012-13 it was $131,000, for 2014-15 it was $152,000. Next year will be smaller, because it is based on current enrollment, which has gone down. About one third of the refugees they currently instruct were born here. They deal with about 30 different languages

All instruction is done in English and they do not provide translators. In some cases they pull students out of their regular classes for additional tutoring, but that is done in English as well, using specially trained teachers. These special ESL teachers also instruct their regular teachers in the best ways to instruct non-English speakers. At present they have 6 part-time tutors who work 19-1/2 hours or less per week at a rate of $10 to $23 per hour (depending on their qualifications) – certified teachers get the $23 and less trained teachers receive less. They also have some 2-day-per-week tutors who usually make $10 per hour. All of the teachers and tutors are paid by the Craven County School System (from the grant money) and nothing is paid directly or indirectly to Interfaith Refugee Ministry (IFR), though IFR may recommend someone they know who has the particular language skills needed.

The October 2014 “head count” of ESL students was 551 but this year’s will be around 478. Recently, they have seen a sharp drop in enrollment. It used to be in the 700’s. Most of the current ESL students are Spanish speakers, who are primarily the children of seasonal agricultural workers. Roughly 200 of their ESL students are refugees.

Last year, they received $354, 241 of Title 3 (federal) money, which can be used to hire teachers, and another (state) allotment of $72,988 which cannot be used for teaching positions. The refugee grant is in addition to this, and they say it is a godsend, because it allows more individual attention, including some summer teaching, which would not otherwise be possible. They estimate the average cost per year per ESL student to be around $7,800. The refugees attend a total of 9 local schools.





The Federal Government allocates money to the Department of State who then works through the Departments of Health and Human Services and Homeland Security to resettle refugees. The budget is divided into three segments. Processing, Admissions and Resettlement. Each is managed by different agencies.

US Citizenship and Immigration – Processing

Bureau of Population, Refugee and Migration – Admissions

Administration for Children and Families – Resettlement

These agencies work with nine different NGO’s (Non Government Organizations) that are tasked with settling and providing services. Most of these are affiliated with religious organizations. Episcopal, Hebrew, Lutheran, Catholic, etc. These nine have some 360 offices across the nation through sub-contractors. These agencies operate as VOLAGS (Voluntary Agencies) which leads us to believe they are non-profit. They are NOT!! Although, they operate as non-profit. They are paid by us (taxpayers) a certain amount per person settled. This puts them in competition with each other. They lobby for more refugees each year. Wonder why?!?

The salaries within these VOLAG’s are staggeringly high. Remember we are borrowing money to pay them! The highest I found was to the International Rescue Committee. It received 456 million in 2012 – 73% from us (taxpayers) with a top salary of $485.321.00.

Most towns, cities and states have no say in how many are accepted unless they have passed laws to address it. If this was supported by private funding, as it was initially, it would not be a problem.


Our local resettlement VOLAG is Interfaith Refugee Ministry. The costs to our community are not available. Probably can’t be calculated. To determine the number to be resettled here, New Bern’s resources are monitored and sent to the nine major contractors. This determines the availability of housing, health care and schooling, etc. it isn’t shared with us. Why not? Quarterly “placement consultation meetings” are held between the Feds and contractors to determine the number of refugees to be placed. Repeated requests for time and place have not been made available.

When refugees arrive the local VOLAG helps them find resources to support them. This includes a variety of welfare programs. They are assisted in signing up for RMA – Refugee Medical Assistance, which is basically NC Medicaid. It includes, doctor visits, hospitalization, prescription medicine, dental and eye care. This is available for up to eight months. Application is made at the County Department of Social Services. After eight months, people with children or disabilities may reapply.

Also available is TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), food stamps, public housing, WIC and education for children and adults (ESL). We have no idea the cost for Police and Fire, Criminal Justice or Interpreters. North Carolina was in the top ten states in 2012 accepting refugees. Currently VOLAG’s are in seven towns and cities in our state and at least two of our cities have seven different locations each.

This needs to be addressed because none of these facts even mention our security as a nation or as individuals.

Submitted by:

Connie Hanna



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