CCTA statement during the forum portion of the North Carolina Academic Standards Review Meeting 19 October 2015

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My statement during the forum portion of the North Carolina Academic Standards Review Meeting 19 October 2015 was as follows:

My name is Hal James. I live at 305 Calico Drive, New Bern North Carolina, Craven County.  I am a member of an organization that has had representation at every one of your meetings.

As you know, the duty of this Commission is to set educational standards that will guide the education of North Carolina’s students. That responsibility was passed on to you by the NC Legislature. They asked you to determine standards of education that meet the needs of North Carolinians.

North Carolina is a sovereign state.   The US Constitution was crafted by our Nation’s founders to guarantee that the sovereignty of the states joining the union would never be impugned.  NO WHERE IN THIS DOCUMENT CAN AUTHORITY FOR THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO INVOLVE ITSELF IN EDUCATION OF THE CITIZENS OF THE SEVERAL STATES BE FOUND!  THE US DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION SHOULD NOT EXIST!

Yes, I know that the proponents of “Common Core” claim it was devised by an organization made up of state governors and state education directors, but anyone who can’t see through that does not have any business involving themselves in setting education standards.

The mission of Common Core advocates is clear. It is to control what American Students are to be taught and how American students are to be taught. Here are some of the messages being sent to students via Common Core:

* Your parents are not qualified to teach you. A lot of what they “know” is wrong.

* America was founded by cruel white supremacists who took the land away from Native Americans and enslaved Africans.

* The morality of your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents does not belong in the modern 21st Century.

* The religion of your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents does not belong in the modern 21st Century.
*   America has a history of cruel treatment of other nations. Look what they did to Japan with the atomic bombs.

* The United States is too nationalistic. We should not believe in American exceptionalism, but accept that America is merely a nation among nations, an equal partner in the world community, and as such, should accept world government.
I firmly believe that this last puts all the rest into perspective. A few very powerful people are trying to rule the world. I recommend that you read Tragedy and Hope 101 by Joseph Plummer before you dismiss me as a “right wing conspiracy theorist.”  It’s an easy read. Much easier than the book it is based on, Carroll Guigley’s 1,300 page Tragedy and Hope.

Please reject Common Core and replace it with true North Carolina Educational standards.

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