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TRUMP Report Card
by Constance Hanna

President Trump will be taking a different path to accomplish the rebuilding of our infrastructure. Every such plan that has come before has ended up being a federal boondoggle. The previous administration spent nearly one trillion dollars of our tax money, and practically nothing was accomplished. This week, President Trump released his plan based on six principles. First, $200 billion dollars of federal funds will be spent to spur at least $1.5 trillion dollars in infrastructure investments with partners at the state, local, tribal, and private level. Second, new investments will be made in rural America which has been left behind for too long. Third, decision making authority will be returned to state and local governments. Fourth, regulatory barriers that needlessly get in the way of infrastructure projects will be removed. Fifth, permitting for infrastructure projects will be streamlined and shortened. Sixth, America’s workforce will be supported and strengthened.
President Trump said, “Every dollar should be leveraged by partnering with state and local governments and, when appropriate, tapping into private sector investment to permanently fix the infrastructure deficit.”

Like last week’s budget bill, this one is hard to grade. Our infrastructure is decaying, and this is an intelligent way to approach fixing it, but we are in debt. I’ll give it a “B.” However, we need to figure out how to reduce our debt, Mr. President.
As every crazy, evil person in the United States knows, the children and teens in American schools are unprotected, soft, soft targets. These gun free, killing zones are almost irresistible to a certain mindset.

What can we do to protect students, teachers, and administrators?
Hire an armed guard for every school?

No. Every school shooting spree would just start with the unprovoked murder of the armed guard.
Japan did not invade the USA during World War II because they knew Americans had guns. They didn’t know how many Americans had how many guns or where they were, and that was the deterrent that kept them out.

President Trump’s tax reform plan continues to bring good news.
More than 350 companies have announced their intention to invest more than $150 billion dollars at home, and $4.2 billion dollars in bonuses have been paid to more than 4 million U.S. workers.
Congressional lawmakers are working to pass a new law to make the bonuses tax free. In honor of the minority leader, it will be called “The Crumbs Act.” Don’t you just love that?  In addition, dozens of American utility companies have announced that they will reduce rates due to the tax reform.

Thank you, Mr. President. Another promise kept! We’re firmly back in “A+” territory.

The President’s immigration policies are also producing results. Enforcement data show that last year 90% of all arrested illegal aliens had criminal convictions, or had been charged and were wanted. Naysayers are claiming that ICE agents are targeting “innocent” illegal aliens when statistics prove that just a little over 10% had no convictions or charges. However, convictions or not, since they entered the country illegally, how can they be called “innocent?” Another “A+.”

Some cities and states are making it easier for ICE agents. As one journalist put it, “Sanctuary cities are shopping malls for ICE!” Isn’t it kind of them to provide a target rich environment? Very efficient!

There are bound to be people on the teaching and administrative staffs of the schools in our communities who have concealed carry permits. Why not change the law to allow those folks to carry in schools? In fact, if they agree to carry while in school, why not give them free access to law enforcement shooting ranges? Why not give them 30 free rounds each month to use for practice?
Here’s another idea. Organizations like the Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association (CCTA) might want to give scholarships to pay for advanced gun skills courses that any school teacher or administrator wanted to take.

CCTA held “Committee of the Whole” meeting
by Hal James, CCTA Chairman

Members of The Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association (CCTA) held a rare “Committee of the Whole” meeting this month to determine what issues CCTA wants to undertake to study and emphasize in our effort to influence public opinion and government actions at the local, state, and national levels. Considering that all members subscribe to our mission statement and the objectives stated in our By- Laws, it is not surprising that there was a lot of mutual agreement on what topics we want to work on.

What was a little surprising is that the first subject broached was the importance of the 2018 elections. How can a non-partisan organization participate in the election? To us, non-partisan means not participating on behalf of any political party. Party affiliation gives some hint of whether a candidate is fiscally conservative, socially liberal, and the like, or not, but is just a clue (barely). The word, “RINO,” wasn’t invented out of thin air. Therefore, much research is needed to determine how the candidate is likely to vote if elected. It’s very helpful if they have a track record of votes while in some public office to examine. As a group, we try to uncover that information, and as individuals, our members are free to work on individual campaigns. Many of us do, and we typically choose to work for Constitutionally conservative candidates. We’d love to see more candidates like that step forward; they’re needed. Finally, CCTA intends to hold elected officials accountable for how they vote by making
such courses might also want to offer free, or reduced cost, courses to teachers and administrators.  “Gun Free Zone” signs could be replaced with “Protected by Concealed Carry” signs.

Imagine a program like that had been going on in our eastern North Carolina schools for several years, and ask yourself what a school zone would look like to a crazy, evil mind then. Would he or she see it as a place to shoot so many gold fish in a bowl? A place where one is certain to be able to shoot students and staff with impunity for a number of minutes unchecked?
No! Now things will have dramatically altered. Thesure the word gets out. If you call yourself a “conservative” and vote for every spending opportunity you’re given, we will get the word out. Conversely, if you consistently vote as you promised us you would, we make sure that word gets out, too.

The next subject to come up was the plight of our NC Commercial Fishermen. We wholeheartedly support them. (Stay tuned, the NC Fisheries Association is planning a “Lobby Day” in May. Go to and sign up for weekly updates to keep up with the latest.)
Our National Security Committee takes great interest in NC House Bill 75 which clearly states how child molesters will be treated and includes punishment for the female genital mutilation practiced by some followers of Islam. The Committee and CCTA as a whole is also concerned about other practices of the followers of Islam which are incompatible with the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and our belief that all citizens are equal under the law. This includes, but is not limited to, practicing Jihad and Sharia law.

We can protect our schools
by Raynor James

CCTA members agree that the battle to win back our school systems, to put God back in schools, to teach patriotism, conservatism, respect for a free economy, self-reliance, and to finally get Common Core out of our schools is far from over!
Included in respect for a free economy is the effort to rid our state of the scourge of the “Certificate of Need”
regulations that strangle our medical facilities and give unfair monopolies to big medical practices and hospitals, resulting in rural
thought process will have changed so that it runs to questions like, “Can that petite, blond woman be carrying a revolver in her cross-body bag?” “Does the coach have a firearm in his gym bag?” “Is any of the office staff armed?”  If we carry out this scenario, I am confident that crazy, evil people will go elsewhere; they will not be killing children, teachers, or administrators in our schools.

So what’s it to be? Are we going to sit around and knash our teeth? Are we going to listen to the whining regressives’ drivel about gun control? (Or, worse yet, act on that idiocy?) Or are we going to be responsible adults who step up to the plate and We can protect our schools
by Raynor James


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  1. For Ms. Hanna:
    I agree wholeheartedly with your observations, but suggest that you not overstate your case. By that I mean that it is a bit much to claim that Japan did not attack America because they knew Americans had guns. It is more realistic to believe that there was no attack on America because Japan lacked the resources for such a massive endeavor. Especially after the Battle of Midway (just 6 months after Pearl Harbor), the Japanese Navy was decimated and they were forever on the defensive.
    There will always be existential bluster from progressives, but so will there always be a 2nd Amendment. And there will never be meaningful gun control until some “genius” comes up with a way to address the 300,000,000+ guns that are already in our society. I would suggest giving the NRA a break by not calling unnecessary attention to the issue.

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