NC State Treasurer Dale Folwell presents his State Healthcare Plan

Wakeup Call

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Wakeup Call


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In order to impact Congress, you first need to understand how it works. Let’s start with the basics — understanding the legislative process is key to becoming an effective political activist.

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Activism Training

Heritage Action wants to give YOU the tools you need to be the most effective grassroots activist. Below you will find how-to videos, one page tip-sheets, and more in-depth guides to grow and amplify your activism. Whether you are brand new to holding Congress accountable or a seasoned activist in our Sentinel Program, these tools can help you spread your message and train others.

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Stand Boldly against aggression!

General Omar Bradley stated in an Armistice Day speech, November 10, 1948 (published in Omar Bradley’s Collected Writings, Volume 1, 1967):

“To ignore the danger of aggression is simply to invite it … We shall doom our children to a struggle that may take their lives … We know that unless free peoples stand boldly and united against the forces of aggression, they may fall wretchedly, one by one, into the web of oppression.”

From the American Minute

It’s past time to STAND, do it now!

Clueless Leadership

Did you vote to turn over the US House to these people, or did you just not vote at all?

Advice to our Leaders

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”


From The Epoch Times

Obama administration officials spied on the Trump campaign using at least six different methods. 

These include a FISA warrant, unmasking requests, an undercover informant, national security letters, foreign intelligence, and reverse targeting. 

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How the Electoral College Works

Back the Blue in May




Our Men and Women in Blue


7:00 PM -Stanly Hall Ballroom

New Bern, NC

“Rescuing Our Children”

Written by  TNA Video

Today’s public school children are being fed massive doses of propaganda and indoctrination without the consent of the parents. Children today have very little knowledge of individual liberty and personal responsibility, both of which are crucial in a free society. The New American’s special report, “Rescuing Our Children” exposes all of this and how Americans must address this issue head on before it’s too late!

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