CCTA WATCHDOG REPORT- Craven County Board of Commissioners

CCTA WATCHDOG REPORT- Craven County Board of Commissioners
Hang on to your pocketbooks. It’s budget time, and the Craven County Schools’ budget request will be presented at the regular evening meeting on Monday, May 4, 2015. It is anticipated that they will ask for several million dollars more in funding from the County this year. At a time when the Commissioners are trying hard to sell a “revenue neutral” budget in the face of the fact that property values are expected to assess much lower and therefore, to have the same property tax revenue, the rate must go up which will be hard for taxpayers to swallow. Obviously, when land and property values go down, it is likely that the citizens’ asset value and borrowing power is reduced. In a nut shell, it is hard times and the Commissioners want to keep the tax revenue the same. The socialists among us have increased public reliance on government assistance to the point that many people simply demand it! If welfare is cut, it could lessen the Commissioners’ chances of re-election! Wow! They are between a rock and a hard place!
There will also be a request for a resolution approving an Eastern Carolina Workforce Development Area Consortium Agreement. Boy, that’s a mouth full. WHY DO WE NEED THAT??? Oh! I see. It’s in one of the attachments. It’s in order to get federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity (WIOA) funds. Come to the meeting and hear all about how Uncle Sam has so much money to send down to Craven County to create another level of bureaucracy complete with a board of directors, staff, and the whole bit at taxpayer expense.


Oh, you will be interested in the noise ordinance being considered. Especially if you have to work at night unloading produce, construction materials, equipment, or products that are often delivered at night. Or if you like to make a little noise on a motorcycle. The ordinance does try to address the citizens from Havelock’s complaint about loud music from a bar or club or something that plays music really loud late at night according to some residents.  The Commissioners did not dare to try to silence the dogs or the baying donkey over in Evans Mill (they get an exception). Like the government always does, this ordinance is over kill. If you’re going to have a noise ordinance, you have to include a lots of ways of making noise, right? Government sure likes to control.


There is also a public hearing on the Pamlico Sound Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan. Why do we need that? Same reason as the Workforce Development Consortium; to get federal money, this time for disaster assistance.


There was a ray of hope at the last Commissioners’ meeting when Commissioner Jones asked why the Carolina East Hospital can’t help the county with it’s healthcare problems with jail inmates. After all, the hospital sits on county owned land for which they pay $1 per year. At the last meeting, the board approved another $300,000 dollars to pay for an inmate’s hospital bills this fiscal year! He has already cost the taxpayers $120,000. This guy is a sex offender.


Please plan to come to the Board of Commissioners meeting at 7:00 PM. May 4, 2015 in the County Administration Building at the corner of Craven and Broad streets if you can make it. We need to let them know we care, and we are watching!


Respectfully submitted,

Hal James

CCTA Watchdog Committee Chairman


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