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As a vital part of our Mission Statement, CCTA endeavors to educate the public in Conservative Values and our Civic Responsibility to be involved in the process of establishing and maintaining a Constitutionally based government. We believe history holds the key and that by researching and studying our historical roots and documents, we can once again become the nation we were once proud of by returning to the Judeo Christian principles of our founding fathers and pledging as they did, Our Lives, Our fortunes and our Sacred Honor in the effort to Restore America. Please consider joining in some of our education classes listed below.

Previous Studies:

Tragedy and Hope 101

Joe Plummer managed to sift through the leviathan “Tragedy and Hope” by Carroll Quigley and glean some valuable information for the interested reader.  The introduction by G. Edward Griffith, the author of “The Creature from Jekyll Island” promises to enlighten the reader as to the misdirection and sleight of hand performed by the political classes for decades.  Mr. Plummer captures the essence of what Quigley referred to as “the Network” and made this important information accessible in 200 pages rather than the 1,300-page history book of the 1960s.  Participants in this book study can expect to be enlightened and entertained.

“Suicide Pact:  The Radical Expansion of Presidential Powers and the Lethal Threat to American Liberty”  –  Judge Andrew Napolitano  This book will take us through our country’s history and show how the Federal government has steadily eroded our freedom by promising the American people more security.

The 5000 Year Leap: A MIRACLE That Changed the World Discover the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Founding Fathers which they said must be understood and perpetuated by every people who desired peace, prosperity, and freedom. These beliefs have made possible more progress in 200 years than was made previously in over 5,000 years. Thus the title “The 5,000 Year Leap“. A brief overview of the principles found in The 5,000 Year Leap, and one chapter is devoted to each of these 28 principles, can be viewed by clicking here.

CRITICAL THINKING: Class Content:  This class will embrace the basics of critical thinking as it applies to the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and what the mainstream media is really trying to tell us.  Using videos, puzzles and exercises, students will learn how to use critical thinking in everday activities.  This class is free and a workbook will be provided.

The Marketing of Evil:  how the left has used marketing tools to push their agenda.

The Creature of Jekyll Island:  the truth about the Federal Reserve and how it affected history and our future.

The Original Argument:  a modern overview of the Federalist Papers.

The Liberty Amendments:  Mark Levin’s solution to a corrupted government.

Grave Influence:  Brannon Howse tells about 21 radicals that still rule from the grave.

Constitution Alive!:   Rick Green and David Barton present “The Citizen Guide to America’s Founding Documents.”

Economics 101:  A Hillsdale College course explaining the basics of the free market system.

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