An Exciting New CCTA Class Starts Tuesday, February 11th!

Join us on Tuesday afternoons at 2:00 pm beginning on February 11, 2014 at the Highland Park Christian Church, 905 Carolina Avenue, New Bern, NC  (take Trent Road to Highland Avenue, go 1 block and turn left on Carolina Avenue).

The class will be based on the book, “Grave Influence: 21 Radicals and Their Worldviews That Rule America From the Grave” by Brannon Howse.  

The books will be available for purchase for $10.00 and the class will be every Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm.

 grave influence

“Satan has used socialism, communism, and Marxism in an attempt to build his ‘new order’—his own kingdom—by seeking to destroy Christianity, free nations, national sovereignty, and law based on the character and nature of God” writes Brannon Howse. With regard to the spiritual battle raging across our nation and engulfing the world today, this ground-breaking book is foundational to recognizing and understanding the big picture of current events and trends in relation to history and Bible prophecy.

In Grave Influence, readers will discover how demonically inspired worldviews have been cleverly packaged and promoted in positive, masking terms to disguise a destructive spiritual agenda now unfolding across America and around the globe. Though more names could certainly be added, Brannon reveals how the demonically inspired views of 21 “twice-dead” men and women continue to influence and impact our lives “from the grave,” vying for the hearts and minds of children, students, and adults in every facet of life today.

Howse aptly demonstrates that whether we are discussing law, science, economics, history, family, social issues, education, or religion, those seeking to further their agenda in these disciplines are nearly always rooted to one or more of these four major forces: 1) occultism/pagan spirituality, 2) the apostate church, 3) the educational establishment, and 4) the government-corporate alliance.

Thousands of research hours have been condensed into this powerful and gripping explanation of “why things are the way they are” today. Grave Influence will help readers see the world and events rocking the globe as part of a big picture, not in bits and pieces. Brannon helps readers connect the dots between spiritual ideas (“the imaginations of man’s heart”) and the tangible fruit of our increasingly perilous times.

For more information contact Nancy Murdoch at 252-665-2679.




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