Craven County School administration works toward misdemeanor

Just when I think the administration at Craven County Schools can’t sink any lower, they once again surprise me.

Take this weekend as a great example. During the heavy rain and wind that hit the county, a group of dedicated Board of Education candidates hoping to fill seats on the School Board, along with volunteers, braved the weather to deliver signs along with their message within Craven County.

Their mistake seems to be they thought the administration wouldn’t remove the signs from the public right-of-way near the school’s central office in New Bern. The signs lasted less than 24 hours before they were removed, admittedly by the administration at Craven County Schools, who argued the central office is private property.

That’s right taxpayers, the central office built with your money is private. And apparently, the right-of-way is as well.

Perhaps these administrators need to read the General Statutes that explicitly state the removal of political signs is a Class 3 misdemeanor.

My question to these administrators: What are you so afraid of? What gives you the right to go against the law and remove someone else’s signs? Finally, why not just call the candidates and ask them to remove the signs?

I know some people may not care about the candidates signs. After all, it’s their money – not yours. However, we all need to be concerned when free speech is abated due to a handful of administrators claiming to know what’s best for the county.

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