As a vital part of our Mission Statement, CCTA endeavors to educate the public in Conservative Values and our Civic Responsibility to be involved in the process of establishing and maintaining a Constitutionally based government. We believe history holds the key and that by researching and studying our historical roots and documents, we can once again become the nation we were once proud of by returning to the Judeo-Christian principles of our founding fathers and pledging as they did, Our Lives, Our fortunes and our Sacred Honor in the effort to Restore America. Please consider joining in some of our education classes listed below.

Scheduled Classes

C.S. Lewis on Christianity

Beginning September 17th, the Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association will be offering the video course listed below presented by Hillsdale College. The course is seven weeks long (seven Saturday mornings). We will finish the course in plenty of time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. I am sure there will be many interesting discussions as we go through the course! If you think you are interested in taking this course, please email for further details.

C.S. Lewis is the best modern writer at explaining the truth and goodness of the Christian faith. Through his imaginative and invigorating style, Lewis answers the eternal questions of theology in a manner that attracts those outside Christianity and strengthens those within the faith. This course examines Lewis’s writings about morality, conversion, prayer, the Bible, suffering, and the afterlife.

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