How Dangerous is Critical Race Theory?Implications for the Future of North Carolina

Get the rundown on North Carolina’s Department of Public Instruction plan to inject racial hatred and Transgender programming in K-12 classrooms.

On Wednesday March 17th the Education First Alliance NC held a Zoom meeting addressing Critical Race Theory in NC.

NC State Board of Education and the Department of Instruction are training teachers and creating curriculum to teach 1.5 million children in K-12 Critical Race Theory.  Just how are they doing this?  What does it mean for the future of North Carolina?   Join Aaron, Sloan, and special guests Joshua Washington from the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel and Dr. Nancy Andersen from No Left Turn for a complete breakdown. 

If you missed this meeting, here is a Follow-up Link where you can review it.

Visit their site  by clicking This Link


Here is a link to both of our campaigns to have Critical Race Theory removed in NC schools.  We need your help getting emails and social media posts out NOW!



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