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The College Board has a new President as of 2012, and guess who it is?  David Coleman, the same man responsible for the horrible ELA standards in Common Core.  It is no surprise that under his leadership comes more progressive propaganda in our Public Schools.  This time, it is the AP US History, APUSH for short.

THIS fall approximately a half a million high school sophomores and juniors with be introduced to this new framework that is very different from the American history courses that you and I had, and drastically different than what NC has mandated.  There is still time to contact the College Board, your State Board of Education, and your local school board.  Ask them to use last years AP US History format and tests and take the time to fully vet this new framework.

In the past, the APUSH approach was to limited to a 5 page outline that listed broad general topics that were consistent with and complementary to our state history requirements.  The new  framework has 98 pages that promotes a consistently negative view of our American culture.  It emphasizes our nations faults, and omits our strengths.  Left out are some of our founding fathers, founding  documents, founding principles, our  heroes, entrepreneurs, and technological achievements.  There isn’t even a mention of the election of this nation’s first Black President, Barrack Obama.  This APUSH framework highlights the negative aspect of the colonization of this country.  They would have you believe that all of the founders were white, racist, oppressive, occupiers’ who did nothing positive, and at the same time stealing land and destroying the environment.

I am not saying that we should be white -washing our history  What I am saying is we need to learn the history as it happened, good, bad, and ugly, in an unbiased framework that acknowledges our past atrocities,  praises our successes, and leaves the student educated in the History of the United States, not indoctrinated into a progressive political agenda of Social Justice.

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Reality is – the College Board/and their Trustees are the ONLY ones with the authority to make any changes.  You would think they would NOT want to the “College Board” to begin looking “political” – but if they ignore this controversy,  I believe, it is the beginning of the end for this organization.  The “College Board” is a nonprofit “business,” and funding can be taken away.  Of course, many folks in higher education simply feel they are too big, or important to fail.  Time will tell. Feel free to contact Trevor Packer – (VP of College Board, voiced opposition to Larry Kreiger, reference is listed below)  https://www.collegeboard.org/about/leadership/trevor-packer

Contacting the College Board:

Anyone can ask for a year delay to get some input on the new Framework. – 

 What actions COULD NC State Board of Education take?  State Board Members (13 who vote):  https://eboard.eboardsolutions.com/AboutUs/AboutUs.aspx?S=10399&TID=1

1. Send resolution to College Board asking for a year delay to address concerns regarding the new Framework.  The College Board could make the decision to use the previous 5- page topical outline and exam from last year. (Instead of the 98 page new Framework) No textbooks have been purchased for the new framework. This makes sense in building “trust” with the public  – especially since there have been concerns about new standards in Math and ELA in recent years. As far as I know there has been NO public discussion at the State Board level on this new Framework (not on this month’s agenda either) – However – it may be brought up – we will see tomorrow at the State Bd Meeting.

2. Send a letter home with every AP U.S History student alerting the parent to the changes in the course. Explaining the State Board has NO control of this elective. This may be helpful as some parents will become aware of the changes as they ask their students what they are learning.    Have parents directly contact the College Board regarding concerns.  – Parents also need to know the AP standards do not follow the NC U.S. History standards.

3. Ask the producers of “America” – and see what the cost of having every AP History class watch this movie. ( I know  – crazy idea, but if you have not seen that movie – be sure to go see it!)  At least the students will hear a different view and the movie will explain some of the issues  covered (and not covered) in their class.  http://www.americathemovie.com 

4. Contact the Trustees of the College Board and express concern. See:


5. We especially need home school families and private schools to get involved  – AP classes can be taken by students in public, private, or home schools. – those groups can go directly to the College Board and tell them they will no longer offer the U.S. History class to students.

LindaLyn Kakadelis http://lockerroom.johnlocke.org/2014/07/23/controversial-new-u-s-history-ap-standards/

Jane Robbins-American Principals Project http://stopcommoncorenc.org/changes-to-ap-history-framework-jane-robbins-interview/

AP Course Framework http://media.collegeboard.com/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap-course-exam-descriptions/ap-us-history-course-and-exam-description.pdf

Article from World Net Daily  http://www.wnd.com/2014/08/u-s-history-takes-drastic-left-turn-this-fall/

Jane Robbins (American Principle Project), Larry Kreiger (AP U.S. History teacher for over 35 years),  and Ken Mercer (Texas State Board Member).  

You can listen to the discussion:

Here are a couple of documents discussed on the call:

Analysis of Framework by a former AP History teacher Larry Krieger:

Rebuttal to College Bd talking points: (I am sure this is what DPI will use on you guys too)

Open letter to David Coleman:  – we need to get a million signatures!

Here is the information on how much money goes to the College Bd. from our state  –

NC Budget – Page 34-35 of current budget bill.

De funding can’t happen until 2015 during the long session.

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