Legislative Action Committee

Report at CCTA Business Meeting of 12-8-14

This is the first report from Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association’s newly formed Legislative Action Committee.

Mark Jones, Kim Fink, Nan Murdock, Glenn Fink, Rick Hopkins, Hal James, and Raynor James are committee members. Any CCTA member who wants to serve on this committee is welcome to join us. Just call (252-288-6228) or email (raynor@cctaxpayers.com).

The committee met prior to our business meeting tonight to identify things we want to work on promoting in the upcoming North Carolina General Assembly session.

First of all, we want to support the work of other CCTA committees.

The Second Amendment Committee, Mark Jones, Chairman, wants the General Assembly to commit to the notion that, should an Executive Order be issued that is contrary to the Second Amendment, that Executive Order will NOT be followed in North Carolina.

The National Security Committee, Ann Bowman, Chairman, wants the General Assembly to act on Tort Reform measures that it has proposed.

The Public Education Committee (formerly Common Core Committee), Kim Fink, Chairman, is seeking several things from the General Assembly. It wants Common Core standards (and the related curricula about which the Department of Public Instruction is in complete denial) gone from North Carolina altogether. It wants The Founding Principles Act (HB588) enforced, not circumvented as the Department of Public Instruction is trying to do. It wants the Advanced Placement U.S. History course taught to reflect the whole truth about American history, not oozing with the anti-America bias with which it is currently filled. It wants local Boards of Education members elected by the districts they serve, not county-wide.

Our committee is committed to supporting each of those things.

In addition, we have identified some other areas in which we’d like to work.

We would like the General Assembly to require ALL employers to use E-Verify and impose penalties for hiring illegal aliens.

We would like the General Assembly to reject the use of FEMA Flood Maps in North Carolina for issuance of homeowners’ insurance or other purposes that are based on projections of changing conditions, and only accept maps based on current conditions.

We would like the General Assembly to change the way Civil Asset Forfeiture is handled in North Carolina so that no asset is forfeited by a person accused of a crime until and unless he or she is convicted in a court of proper jurisdiction.

Toward those ends, we have begun seeking appointments with Senator Norman Sanderson, Representative Michael Speciale, and Representative John Bell. When we meet with them, we plan to ask them about their goals for the upcoming General Assembly session, and share our desires with them. Where their goals are compatible with our mission statement, we will look for ways to help them. Hopefully, they will be willing to also take up our goals as their own also.

Respectfully submitted,

Raynor James, Chairman, CCTA Legislative Action Committee

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