Refugee Resettlement in New Bern

Matt Schwob attended the Interfaith Refugee Ministry Quarterly Community Consultation Meeting held Oct 27th, 3:00 pm, at 311 Middle Street, New Bern.

The purpose of the meeting was to inform local agencies, who are providing services to incoming refugees to Eastern NC, that there would be an increase in the number of refugees coming to our area by 25…bringing the total to approximately 200 overall for FY2016. The agencies are social services, schools, police, fire, county and city elected officials and health department. Various church pastors were also present.

The slide presentation discussed the process of bringing refugees to the U.S., discussed the security process to vet refugees, how they arrive in New Bern, time line for applying for Social Security Number, food stamps, medical screening and job placement.

Commissioners Steve Tyson and George Liner were present as well as Senator Norm Sanderson who arrived later. George Liner asked several good questions with respect to particular groups (Syrians) coming to the area.

“Director Husson is not aware of any Syrians or what nationalities are coming to New Bern at this time.”

I had asked about the young man who killed three (3) children and her answer was “well, we have killers here who are American citizens”.  I also asked about the cost of his incarceration and medical expenses which is being paid for by the taxpayers of Craven County.

I did get the opportunity to speak with one of the local police officers…I expressed my concern with the influx of refugees who may not want to become Americans and wish us harm.


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