Treason and traitors

Today there was an article in the  Sun Journal by an individual who accuses all those who refuse to lockstep with the President and the Senate of the United States as traitors to their country.  This letter fundamentally displays why this country has reached an all time high of division and disagreement.  I don’t know where the individual attended school, but he was ill served as the letter showed a poor understanding of the English language, and a complete failure to grasp the fundamental ideas of the Constitution and the role of government.  He would, however,  have been a perfect citizen of Hitler’s Germany.

Unfortunately, the writer is not alone in his thinking.  Thanks to an education system which has ignored teaching our founding documents and history, we have a citizenry that is ill-equipped to make rational judgments.  A corrupt, biased media further aids the cause of the left by either under-reporting, selective reporting, or spinning the news to fit their agenda.  Add an apathetic public who prefers cake and circuses over engaging in the workings of government, and you have a recipe for complete disaster.  And that doesn’t even count those who depend on the government for the basic necessities of life.

I would remind the writer of the aforementioned letter, that the government was responsible for numerous ills of our Nation’s history, including but not limited to slavery, eugenics, interment of the Japanese, the Fugitive Slave Act, and Jim Crow laws.  It was the courage of individual citizens who forced government to change their policies, not the other way around.  So when he attacks those who disagree with the government,  he is putting Martin Luther King in that same esteemed company.

Because of my allegiance to the First Amendment, I may disagree with every word the writer espouses, but I will defend to the death his right to say it.  I doubt, however, that he would allow me the same freedom.


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