Watchdog Report Socialist Grants- Craven County Board Meeting 6 July 2015

CCTA WATCHDOG REPORT- Craven County Board of Commissioners
July 7, 2015

At last night’s Craven County Board of Commissioners, I had the results of socialist programs on my mind that we have seen coming to fruition in Greece. As I listened to the meeting, I could see that our Board of Commissioners is complicit in sending America on the same path.

I petitioned on behalf of CCTA against the budget allocation of $584,823 dollars to be spent on socialistic programs for older adults (in spite of the fact that I am to be 78 years old this month). This program, called the Home and Community Care Block Grant, is for paying for various services to be provided for elder citizens like paying CARTS for hauling them around, various contractors for providing them food, and to help them with personal care, etc. All this assistance used to be done by the family if they could manage, then the neighbors or churches or other volunteer organizations, if need be. Now the government has almost replaced all of these in caring for our elderly.

I would like to know who ultimately will get this $584,823. Who is making money off this? Is it more of this government contracting that rewards minority and women owned businesses? The same ones that receive favoritism if the women are so called “single moms?” Most of these used to be called “immoral women.” What the heck has happened to our country? When will this reverse discrimination stop?

Here is how the request was presented:

CARTS gets $57,657 of which the county has to pick up 10%.

Craven County Social Services gets $183,690. I ask FOR WHAT? And who ultimately gets the money? Who gets paid to do what?

“Home Delivered Meals” is another category. It appears that someone is to be paid $185,560. WHO is getting that? I presume SOMEONE is to be paid for preparing and delivering meals. Is it school cafeterias? Private caterers? Minority and women owned businesses? (That one REALLY sticks in my craw because I know a woman who owns such a business who is not married to the father of her children because he is her business partner, and they would find it much harder to get government contracts if he were her husband.)

“Congregate” is also a category. That refers to group meals, I presume. To whom is that $37,717 paid? And for what?

The next recipient of funds is Coastal Community Management, a 501 C (3) organization. Why are they to receive $73,111 of taxpayer funds? What will they do to earn it?

“Senior Companion.” What is that? Another organization or service of some organization? They get $27,088. For what and to whom is it to be paid?

The last one is a real puzzlement to me. It’s “Havelock Senior Services Congregate.” Again, is it group meals? Is this THE SAME PROGRAM THAT RECENTLY WAS STOPPED BECAUSE THE ONLY QUALIFICATION WAS TO BE OVER 65? If so, it is really a taxpayer funded social event that the elected representatives from Havelock can take credit for and hopefully get some votes out of it in the next election. How n-i-c-e! (Ask Kim Fink to tell you her “southern belle who went to finishing school” joke sometime.)

BOTTOM LINE–the FEDS will send us $526,341 for SOCIALIST SERVICES IF CRAVEN COUNTY TAXPAYERS ANTE UP another $58,482. All the commissioners voted for the grant except Scott Dacey who voted “no” and Tom Mark who was absent. By the way, Tom asked that this agenda item be deferred until he could be there, but the staff person making the presentation said that would cause problems, and it was obvious that staff would say anything to get the Board to go along with the request last night, and they did.

It would be one thing if the feds had to run a fiscally sound budget like Craven County and North Carolina have to BUT THEY DON’T.


Greece has been doing the same thing. Their options now are to devalue their money (that hurts anyone who has accumulated anything) or borrow again if they can find a lender again.

The United States is headed the same way with these socialist programs. WHY WON’T SOMEONE PUSH BACK?

Another agenda item that came up was for Board approval of a $93,000 gift to New Bern of a tract of land for public use. The source of the property was that FEMA had paid a private citizen $93,000 for the property to get rid of the repeated flood liability. How often is this repeated in the United States?

Watching the Craven County Board of Commissioners in action shows EXACTLY how we are digging our debt hole deeper and deeper one county at a time. HOW LONG CAN AMERICA KEEP GOING FURTHER IN DEBT FOR THESE SOCIALIST PROGRAMS???

Respectfully submitted,

Hal James

CCTA Watchdog Committee Chairman


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