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July 16th, 2019

6:00 pm


Melody Clarke

Please join us July 16 for Heritage Action Sentinel Skills Clinic with CCTA by Melody Himel Clarke, Heritage Action Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator.


Heritage Action and the Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association invite you to join us for this special training:

Learn how to use social media and other effective techniques to be a part of important federal policy discussions, support those leaders taking a principled stand and help them continue to fight for important legislative advances!

You hold the key to change the course of our country. Let us show you how! Our fun and informal Skills Clinic will teach you the nuts and bolts of how to take action and arm you with the information you need to amplify your voice on Congressional issues. These same skills can be applied to advance other important legislative and policy battles. You can make a difference even with your hectic schedule!

Our Skills Clinics are part of the Heritage Action activist training. We will equip you to:

  • KNOW the issues. We have the information you need to understand any policy issue.
  • GROW their Activist skills and networks. We will work with you one on one.
  • GO out and lead in their communities. You won’t be alone; we’ve got your back!

We understand your concerns and have put together this great program to help you engage in national politics in an effective and time-efficient manner. This will be a fantastic opportunity to interact with other concerned conservatives from your area and build your relationship with Melody Clarke, your Heritage Action Regional Coordinator.

You will learn valuable skills necessary to help amplify your voice not only in Washington, D.C., but on a local level too! We’ll make sense out of the jumble of social media, share important strategies, and explain how to use Heritage Action as a resource!

Session Topics include:

  • Print Media Impact: How to write an effective letter to the editor AND get it published!
  • Understanding and using Social Media: Blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Twitter Training: For new and advanced users! Get started, build and deploy a Twitter Army
  • Legislative Training: Using the Heritage Action Dashboard and other resources to understand important policy discussions. We will also cover how to arrange and plan an effective meeting with your Congressman.

Heritage Action for America is the ACTION arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation. We take the conservative policy visions outlined by our sister organization, The Heritage Foundation, and make them a reality. We ensure members of Congress hear directly from their constituents, people just like you.

At Heritage Action we have a widely respected government relations team and a network of dedicated grassroots activists working to advance conservative policy. With your help, we can hold Congress accountable and restore our country to constitutional values.

Invite your conservative friends to join us too!

Melody Himel Clarke, Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator 

Contact me: (202) 716-9738

Follow Us On Twitter: @Heritage_action and @TheRightMelody

Facebook: Heritageforamerica

** There is no charge to join us for the training, but space is limited. Refreshments and light dinner will be provided. Please register now so we can be sure to have the right amount of food available.

Register NOW, Seating is Limited!

Stanly Hall Ballroom, New Bern, NC
305 Pollock Street
Free Street Parking – Elevator on Craven St. – Refreshments
Your Participation in the process is essential.
Please come and learn how you can make a difference!

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Refreshments and educational displays are available
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