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3 thoughts on “Issues

  1. I attended a Zoom meeting and received information to get to your website, and wanted to find out if the group, after our Zoom meeting, had a committee to go to the North Carolina Board of Elections to try to stop fraud at the polls
    in the coming election of our president. The N. C. Capitol Connection sent
    out a newsletter in August with this headline: BIDEN TAKES LEAD IN NORTH
    not a headline I liked! Did the group in the Zoom meeting go with Rick Hopkins (or the gentleman who asked for volunteers to go to the N. C. Board
    of Elections?) to see if some fraud in the coming election will happen as it did in 2016, how to STOP any fraud in our N. C. elections.I do not want to see North Carolina turn back to the Democratic party! I was a member most of
    my life, and am glad I moved to see Republicans win in N.C. Sorry I have not responded to that meeting, but it was excellent news. I am thankful for watchdogs!! Mrs.. Nancy Benson

  2. NC is at a comparative disadvantage to SC, GA, FL & TN when it comes to state taxation on retirees income. Compare the detail of how each of these states tax retiree income compared to NC
    and it’s not surprising why many seniors choose to locate in these states rather than NC. Has your organization taken up this issue with some of the NC legislatures?

    1. Thanks for your input, this is not an issue we have looked at but we will and I will share with some of our Legislative contacts.

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