meeting, November 20, 2017, More Personnel, Government Spending on Boondoggles

My last report contained the good news that a staff request to apply for a grant to fund hiring a new staff member for CARTS was  denied!  The vote actually was a non-partisan NO!  Five No, Commissioner Sampson voted Yes and Commissioner McCabe’s vote was not audible.

Well, at the first meeting his month, STAFF SAW TO IT THAT THE Commissioners would not get confused by a citizen bringing negative aspects of their plans to light. They called a “work session” at which citizens were not allowed to speak before the regularly scheduled Board Meeting at which citizens could speak.


The authority to hire was taken up in two different motions.  The Commissioners voted:  Tom Mark-Yes to both, Scott Dacey-Yes to both, Theron McCabe- Yes to both, Johnnie Sampson- Yes to both, Jason Jones-Yes to both, George Liner-Yes to both, Steve Tyson-Yes to both.

Now, I don’t want to be misunderstood.   I did not indicate that CCTA objects to the two positions, but the manner in which the hiring authority was considered and approved without the opportunity for public comment and with no discussion of reduction in spending elsewhere to accommodate this increase in personnel.

Here is my account of something else that happened:  One Monday, November 6, I got a call from John Droz, a physicist who lives in Morehead City.  John said he’d seen Craven County Commissioner, Scott Dacey, at a tea party meeting in Carteret County, and Scott was excited to tell him that the Craven County ordinance that regulates industrial wind turbines is being re-written and that the new ordinance would be much better and more like the ordinance passed in Carteret. Commissioner Dacey subsequently emailed John a copy of what he thought at the time was a copy of the new proposed ordinance.

Initially, John Droz was pleased, but when he looked at the “new” wind law, he concluded it was “not materially different from the existing one.” John has developed a system to evaluate wind turbine laws and whether they protect the health, safety, and welfare of citizens.  He assigns 20 points to each of five areas of concern, so a perfect law would get 100 points.

The areas John looks at are setbacks, acoustics, property value protection, environmental concerns, and decommissioning requirements.  Setbacks and acoustics are particularly important to citizens’ health and property values concerns.

When John looked at Craven’s ordinance, he gave it 15 points for the decommissioning aspects of it and zero points for anything else.  That’s 15 points out of a possible 100 points.  He said, “Out of the 200 (plus or minus) U.S. local wind laws I’ve seen, this is one of the worst.”  By way of comparison, he gave Carteret’s ordinance 100 points.

It turns out that Commissioner Dacey mistakenly sent John a copy of the existing ordinance.

At the Craven Commissioners’ work session the proposed wind ordinance was discussed and was actually compared to the current Carteret ordinance.  At one point, a participant in the discussion said that it is obvious that the objective of the Carteret ordinance is to prevent wind turbines from being built.  A discussion of a moratorium came up and was briefly discussed.  No action was taken.

AT today’s Board meeting County manager, Jack Viet said that the process to affect a moratorium would take  several months and that changes to the ordinance could be done just as quickly and that staff would work on it.

The Board also approved a request from the ABC Board to purchase a parcel of land on which to build a new ABC store for Bridgeton.  The important thing about that is that heretofore the ABC Board has rented buildings or shopping center space to house their stores.  When this subject came up a prior meeting, Commissioner Tyson pointed that out and said he would rather the government rent from the private sector than to spend taxpayer money expanding government holdings.  After the meeting I asked Commissioner Tyson why he had changed his mind and he said he honestly did not know.

Today’s meeting was a continuation of freely spending taxpayer money on boondoggles without open discussion.  An Example:

REQUEST FROM VETERANS EMPLOYMENT BASE CAMP AND ORGANIC GARDENING: The Executive Director of  a “non-profit” organization named “Veteran’s Employment Base Camp and Organic Garden” requested the Commissioner’s support for it’s grant application for the “City Farmers Market Center Project.”    With glowing talk about the great things they are going to do for veterans and the Duffyfield section of New Bern, no mention was made of the amount of taxpayer money to be spent and in what manner.  Nor that the ultimate goal is to replace the present farmer’s market that is privately run with a government/non-profit conglomerate that really knows how to spend taxpayer money on boondoggles.   NO MENTION OF THE GRANT AMOUNT OF $400,000 that is to be applied for, nor the City of New Bern’s grant of $1.5 MILLION to develop the site.  Pretty soon these grants are going to amount to real money!  Wonder what the director’s job of this Non-profit pays?

Anyway, this request was approved.  I believe I heard one mumbled Nay.

Respectfully submitted,


Hal James

CCTA Watchdog Committee Chairman

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Watchdog Report   Craven County Board of Commissioners meeting, October 2, 2017  

This meeting clearly demonstrated how our federal government is headed for the economic ruin of America.  Two requests for approval to apply for federal transportation grants were approved, and yet another placed on hold for further consideration.  That last grant proposal was to hire a Mobility Manager (duties not clearly defined), and the grant provides funding for the new hire’s salary and benefits for only the first year. (We all know that is how government staff grows.  Slick, isn’t it?)  The director asking for the new position assured the board that federal funding would provide 80% of the funding and the state MIGHT pick up another 10%.
The next group of grants (hate that word) described $32.5 million dollars of federal funding available for disaster recovery program activities to benefit “income eligible” residents that received uninsured storm damage from Hurricane Matthew.  Craven is eligible for a maximum of $1 million.  (Commissioner Jones was hopeful that people who had already taken care of the problems themselves could be reimbursed).  I don’t question the need, BUT HOW MUCH OF LIFE’S PROBLEMS ARE TO BE SOLVED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT?
The Director of Economic Development presented a good sales pitch presentation designed to attract industry to Craven County during which Commissioner Dacey began angling for County construction of a spec industrial building to attract an occupant.  I’m sure that would be offered at a bargain price to attract jobs.  Perhaps state and federal grant money could be obtained, too.  After all, it’s only taxpayer money.
My point is not that these federal and state grants do no good, but THINK.  All this goes on in our county for two meetings a month for month after month and year after year.  The same things go on in most of the local governments across the U.S.!  THAT IS WHY AMERICA IS $20 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT!  DEBT PASSED ON TO OUR CHILDREN, GRANDCHILDREN, AND PROBABLY OUR GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN!  Would you willingly put your children in debt???
Back to the meeting…
The solid waste contact was discussed.  That is the one in which compensation to the contractor providing the service exceeds the charges by the county to the user.  (Not that that’s all bad; at least ALL citizens need this service, not just a favored few.  Plus, the more it costs citizens to get rid of waste, the more people will litter, and that’s a significant problem in Craven County already.) The present contractor asked the Board for approval to sell its contract to another provider.  That provider was not the low bidder when the contract was let, but now is willing to provide the service at the price of the low bidder because they will be operating from a closer location due to other aspects of the deal between the contractors.  It was approved.
The groups asking for a referendum from the Board asking North Carolina to approve the Equal Right Amendment and those seeking more protection for animals subject to cruelty are making good headway with the Commissions due to large turnouts of their groups at recent meetings of the Board.  They continued to be present and vocal at this meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Hal James
CCTA Watchdog Committee Chairman


The first part is the recording of Cliff Muncy from our public meeting on September 19 with Cliff and John Ainsworth of “America’s Remedy,” and that served as a spring-board for our ideas.

You’ll remember John Ainsworth set the stage with historical information about the recent war of northern aggression, the north’s insisting that southern states which seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy were just rebels, and those states were still in the Union, and had to be subdued.  This view remained in place for a time after the war, but then, the Reconstruction Acts caused the Confederate states to be viewed as a conquered foreign country, and they were made territories of the United States and coerced into again rejoining the Union in an unconstitutional way that “reset America and her demi-sovereign states.”

The remedy being proposed by “America’s Remedy” as expressed by Cliff involves having a relatively significant number of people “reestablishing citizenship in your re-established state” (that is to say, citizenship in the version of North Carolina that was in existence prior to the war), because the citizens of that version of North Carolina were the people harmed by the unconstitutional acts carried out during Reconstruction and those citizens have “standing” in courts to sue for regress of grievances.

That set off a bit of a firestorm among ourselves.  We had varying degrees of agreement and disagreement with taking that approach as a way to curtail the overreaching federal government.  No two of us thought exactly alike, but we all agreed on the goal.

Our discussion went from America’s Remedy’s remedy to other possible remedies and then to how long we think we have to successfully correct federal overreach.  That took us to the idea that, “If Texas turns blue, there goes the ball game,” and how Colorado was turned blue via the “Rocky Mountain Heist,” and the idea U.S. Representative Mark Meadows expressed when he visited New Bern on September 15th about giving the libs the “millions of dollars” and conservatives could still win with “millions of boots on the ground,” and finally the Randy Ramsey (about $400,000) vs. Senator Norman Sanderson (about $40,000 plus thousands of boots) race which was won handily by Norm was remembered.

We were all over the map, but it was a logical progression of ideas.  Honestly.


Our guest are historian and legal activist, John Ainsworth & Cliff Muncy of
John is the founder of America’s Remedy, a non-partisan educational think tank, whose focus, through education and legal activism, is to re-establish America and her demi-sovereign states on a free and Constitutional foundation. As a strong advocate of lawful, constitutional government, and passionate in his service to see America re-claimed, John took two years off of work in 1995 to research America’s derailing. John has over 19 years of study and has been involved in over 15 court cases. In 1997, John was involved in re-establishing the de jure state of North-Carolina. He has hosted and co-hosted a number of television and radio programs, and he has had numerous speaking engagements across the eastern U.S.
John Ainsworth poses the question —
Did National Citizenship Eliminate State Rights?
Where state-rights and a limited federal government are desirable, is it counter-productive that Americans participate in a national form of citizenship? Was citizenship always a national concept? Is it our own unquestioning patriotism and participation in national U.S. citizenship which prevents us from having
states which can act free of national “indefinite supremacy”?
Black’s Law defines a state as a “self-sufficient body of persons, united together in one community for the protection of their rights”. With this information in mind, let’s ask ourselves — What happened to our sovereign states? What are these states we have today, and for whom were they created?
Join us as Reconstruction historian and legal activist John Ainsworth sheds new light on our history, to reveal a specific, pivotal transformation that occurred to our system of government which eliminated the concept of state-loyal, state citizens from the American political landscape.
Understanding our history is vital to restoring America’s future.
Cliff Muncy is Director of Media at America’s Remedy — a non-partisan, educational think tank, with the goal of shedding light on the origin and negative impact of nationalized citizenship. Their focus, through education and legal activism, is to re-
establish America and her demi-sovereign states on a free and Constitutional foundation.
Visit America’s Remedy You Tube Channel  and Facebook Page
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