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Special Edition – Q&A with Major Dave Goetze about NC election data. 10-15-17

Q&A with Major Dave Goetze about NC election data

Wakeup 10-15-17

Awan brothers investigation.

Major Dave update on election data investigation.

Wakeup 10-08-17

How the left took control of state politics in Colorado as depicted in the film Colorado Heist and how those tactics are being used in NC and other states.


The first part is the recording of Cliff Muncy from our public meeting on September 19 with Cliff and John Ainsworth of “America’s Remedy,” and that served as a spring-board for our ideas.

You’ll remember John Ainsworth set the stage with historical information about the recent war of northern aggression, the north’s insisting that southern states which seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy were just rebels, and those states were still in the Union, and had to be subdued.  This view remained in place for a time after the war, but then, the Reconstruction Acts caused the Confederate states to be viewed as a conquered foreign country, and they were made territories of the United States and coerced into again rejoining the Union in an unconstitutional way that “reset America and her demi-sovereign states.”

The remedy being proposed by “America’s Remedy” as expressed by Cliff involves having a relatively significant number of people “reestablishing citizenship in your re-established state” (that is to say, citizenship in the version of North Carolina that was in existence prior to the war), because the citizens of that version of North Carolina were the people harmed by the unconstitutional acts carried out during Reconstruction and those citizens have “standing” in courts to sue for regress of grievances.

That set off a bit of a firestorm among ourselves.  We had varying degrees of agreement and disagreement with taking that approach as a way to curtail the overreaching federal government.  No two of us thought exactly alike, but we all agreed on the goal.

Our discussion went from America’s Remedy’s remedy to other possible remedies and then to how long we think we have to successfully correct federal overreach.  That took us to the idea that, “If Texas turns blue, there goes the ball game,” and how Colorado was turned blue via the “Rocky Mountain Heist,” and the idea U.S. Representative Mark Meadows expressed when he visited New Bern on September 15th about giving the libs the “millions of dollars” and conservatives could still win with “millions of boots on the ground,” and finally the Randy Ramsey (about $400,000) vs. Senator Norman Sanderson (about $40,000 plus thousands of boots) race which was won handily by Norm was remembered.

We were all over the map, but it was a logical progression of ideas.  Honestly.


Our guest are historian and legal activist, John Ainsworth & Cliff Muncy of
John is the founder of America’s Remedy, a non-partisan educational think tank, whose focus, through education and legal activism, is to re-establish America and her demi-sovereign states on a free and Constitutional foundation. As a strong advocate of lawful, constitutional government, and passionate in his service to see America re-claimed, John took two years off of work in 1995 to research America’s derailing. John has over 19 years of study and has been involved in over 15 court cases. In 1997, John was involved in re-establishing the de jure state of North-Carolina. He has hosted and co-hosted a number of television and radio programs, and he has had numerous speaking engagements across the eastern U.S.
John Ainsworth poses the question —
Did National Citizenship Eliminate State Rights?
Where state-rights and a limited federal government are desirable, is it counter-productive that Americans participate in a national form of citizenship? Was citizenship always a national concept? Is it our own unquestioning patriotism and participation in national U.S. citizenship which prevents us from having
states which can act free of national “indefinite supremacy”?
Black’s Law defines a state as a “self-sufficient body of persons, united together in one community for the protection of their rights”. With this information in mind, let’s ask ourselves — What happened to our sovereign states? What are these states we have today, and for whom were they created?
Join us as Reconstruction historian and legal activist John Ainsworth sheds new light on our history, to reveal a specific, pivotal transformation that occurred to our system of government which eliminated the concept of state-loyal, state citizens from the American political landscape.
Understanding our history is vital to restoring America’s future.
Cliff Muncy is Director of Media at America’s Remedy — a non-partisan, educational think tank, with the goal of shedding light on the origin and negative impact of nationalized citizenship. Their focus, through education and legal activism, is to re-
establish America and her demi-sovereign states on a free and Constitutional foundation.
Visit America’s Remedy You Tube Channel  and Facebook Page

Wakeup 09-17-17

Special guests were Major Dave (Dave Goetze) and Meloni Wray, Director of Elections for Craven County.

Rick started things off by asking Meloni about changes since the last election, and she gave a smooth and even handed description of all that has happened.  She also talked about how voters can help things go well by educating themselves, and pointed out that the Board of Elections has a new website, cravenvote.com, which is designed to be a tool to help voters learn what they need to know.

Next Rick opened the issue of voter fraud by observing, “Some folks claim there is none,” and he threw the question of voter fraud to Major Dave.

 Major Dave’s background: he’s retired Army, and he handled and designed huge data bases for the Army and used them to do investigative work, and also taught related classes at the Army’s Professional Education Center.

Major Dave began by saying we do have voter fraud, and that most people look at what he calls the “front end” of it – voters who use someone else’s name, fake addresses, and the like – much of it things that people mentally associate with same day registration and voting during early voting.  And there are people working on documenting that.

However, Dave believes there are thousands more fraudulent votes cast through the “back end” of the system, and that possibility is what he has been examining for months.

Dave quoted “chapter and verse” of several situations and gave exact numbers (he brought a cart on wheels with a gazillion print-outs so he could show us hard evidence to back up his remarks), but my simplified version of an “inconsistency” he saw that grabbed me is this…

After the polls closed, the vote totals continued to change for awhile.  This is legitimately caused by two things.  One of them is ballots that are postmarked by the right date, but arrive after Election Day.  (For example, this is often the case with the ballots of members of the military.)  The other thing is provisional ballots because some of them end up being counted and some of them are excluded for various proper reasons.  In total, 36,000+ of these two types of ballots counted in the last election.

However, during the period these ballots were being counted, the governor’s race received an additional 50,000+ votes!  WHERE did they come from???  That means 13,000+ more votes were added to the tally than were available to anyone from the 36,000+ pool.

Now, consider this; prior to counting those additional votes, Governor Cooper was leading by less than 10,000 votes which was within the margin for a recount.  After these votes were added, Governor Cooper was leading by more that 10,000 votes which meant if former Governor McCrory called for a recount, he would have to have paid for the recount himself!

What happened then?  Governor McCrory acknowledged defeat, and that set up a chain reaction.  The Republican candidates for Attorney General, State Auditor, and Secretary of State also threw in the towel.

What do those 4 offices have in common?  Those are the 4 state offices that have a statutory duty for elections.  So, with the help of 13,000+ votes-from-nowhere, the 4 offices responsible for running fair, fraud free elections was flipped to Democrats.

How could that have happened?  Those two classes of votes that can legitimately be changed after Election Day are normally handled within each county, and the changes are noted in a machine that is a stand alone machine and is not hooked to any system, and then the new totals are sent in.

That was done in the most recent election, but with a twist.  When each report went in, a report of all the accompanying key strokes were required to be sent with it.  That would make it possible for someone at the state level (or for someone associated with the vendor who supplied the machines) to pick it up from there and run with it and create, oh, I don’t know, say 13,000+ votes-from-nowhere.

Now it really gets interesting.  In future elections, Directors of Elections in the various counties are not to use their stand alone machines to reconcile changes after Election Day, they must in-put their information into a connected system.  This gives them less autonomy, less control, and less ability to keep up with all the data they might like to keep up with, AND it gives people at the state and vendor levels an easier way to create votes-from-nowhere!

Now, for one final link in this chain of information and logic, there is only one vendor in the state of North Carolina (they do have subcontractors), and they achieved their status in an interesting way.  When bids were put out, the specs included that not only the company that won the contract, but the CEO of that company would be personally liable if anything should go wrong.  At first there were a number of applicants, but the personal liability requirement caused all companies except one to withdraw, an outfit called ES&S.  ES&S was awarded the contract, but guess what?  The personal liability requirement was removed from the contract before it was executed!

Could the four seats (Governor, Attorney General, State Auditor, and Secretary of State) have been fraudulently stolen in our last election?


Wakeup 09-10-17

Lynn Taylor, known as “Common Core Diva,” was a special guest via Skype. Lynn lives in Mooresville (near Charlotte), North Carolina. She spent 23 years homeschooling her 3 children. Lynn is admired and respected by Kim Fink, and her CCTA Public Education Committee.

Rick asked Lynn if what’s going on in education here and what’s going on in the UN have any relationship. She said they are related, and the key to understanding it are the notions of “collectivism” and “sustainability,” and goals built around the idea of being “green.” The idea is that “technology saves trees,” and “we can’t be one big happy world if we’re not all connected digitally.” NC has been among the first to hook up to global efforts for education and data sharing. Lynn also says FERPA (the “Family Educational Rights and Privacy Right Act of 1974”) has been gutted by an Executive Order by President Obama. She pointed out that data can be collected (without permission) in students’ homes by their school provided devices.

This change was accomplished by a publication of the US. Department of Education which states in part: “High quality data and robust data systems will help us measure our progress towards President Obama’s goal for us to be first in the world in college completion by the year 2020 and better meet the needs of parents, teachers, and students. … the U.S. Department of Education (Department) has begun several initiatives to provide technical assistance to States, districts, and schools to protect the privacy rights of students, promote the responsible use of data to inform education policy and practices and empower parents, teachers and students to use this information to advocate for their rights and improve their educational outcomes.”

Wakeup Call 09-03-2017

We had Lynn Taylor, known as “Common Core Diva,” as a special guest.  Lynn lives in Mooresville (near Charlotte), North Carolina.  She spent 23 years homeschooling her children, and the last one graduated in 2015.  Lynn is admired and respected by Kim Fink, CCTA’s Public Education Committee Chairman for several years as we fought Common Core in Raleigh, and Kim was on last night’s panel, too.  (As were Bob and Mary Griswold, Diane Rufino, and Hal and I.)

Rick introduced the program by saying we were going to talk about technology in the classroom, and he mentioned the fact that Craven County is leasing I-Pads for all its students and teachers in kindergarten through 12th grade, and said the quick reaction of a lot of people will be, “That’s good,” but is it really?  Perhaps there’s another side to it.

Rick asked Hal to give a little background about what Craven County is doing, and Hal did so.  He mentioned something really odd about the process at the Board of Commissioners’ meeting.  The lease costs almost

$1 million dollars per year, but neither the presenter nor any of the commissioners mentioned the cost of the lease.  (Hal knew the amount because the lease itself was among the pre-meeting items posted on the county’s website.)

Lynn added that in 2015, North Carolina increased funds for digital learning with the intention of using the digital mode for learning and for assessments.  In addition, ESSA (Every Child Succeeds Act) provides federal funds for digital learning which the states must compete for. Part of that is to provide money to get wi-fi into the home of each student so that he or she can have access 24/7.

Rick asked Lynn to comment on an article called “Technology: Poison in the Classroom.”

Lynn said there is a move to have technology start in pre-school (from almost when a child is born), and then to kindergarten and on up.  Lynn says that stunts brain development!  (Most of us had heard an early childhood development specialist testify before the Academic Standards Review Commission who spend an hour or so saying the same thing.)

Lynn said that another problem is the massive amount of data that is being stored from youngest student years through joining the workforce via the use of technology, and she mentioned that Apple has the largest data storage east of the Mississippi here in NC.

Rick asked Lynn if what’s going on in education here and what’s going on in the UN have any relationship.  She said they are related, and the key to understanding it are the notions of “collectivism” and “sustainability,” and goals built around the idea of being “green.”  The idea that “technology saves trees,” and “we can’t be one big happy world if we’re not all connected digitally.”  NC has been among the first to hook up to global efforts for education, and NC data is being shared pretty globally; schools share with state agencies, federal agencies, approved vendors, researchers, and more.  Lynn also says FERPA (the “family protection” law) has been gutted by an Executive Order by President Obama.  And she pointed out that data can be collected (without permission) in students’ homes by their school provided devices.  (Is it 1984 yet?)

Lynn was asked why educators seem to be on board with all of this, and she discussed that aspect, but also added that some recent education major graduates are miserably unhappy because they are not encouraged to innovate, but are instructed to “teach to the test.”  She added that there is a huge corporate lobby spending huge sums of money to influence federal and state laws relating to education.  And Lynn said that “psychological intervention systems” are being used in schools, and teachers are having to handle it themselves; psychologists are not being hired.

Lynn says that homeschooling and private schools are going to be dealing with all the things that are going on in traditional public schools that are problematic very soon.  She was asked, “Why???”  She said that one of the ways is by the use of assessments.  She said she had fought and fought to keep the definition of homeschooling as it had been in NC. She said previously homeschooling had 100% freedom, but not so now.  She said it was a conscious effort to “blur the line” between homeschools and “traditional” public education.

Lynn says that ESSA says that “all education must be aligned to one set of standards,” and each student (homeschoolers as well) has a “unique identifier number,” and with nationally normed assessments and that unique identifier, parents can be convinced that their child is “going to be left behind.”

The bright spot in all of this is that there is a campaign going on to get President Trump to resend President Obama’s Executive Order and restore FERPA.  To find out more about this work, parents are advised to go to childabuseintheclassroom.com (child abuse in the classroom).  Lynn advises parents who care about their children to pay attention to that and to pay attention to what’s going on in their child’s school!

To share more of Common Core Diva’s wit, wisdom, and knowledge, go to www.commoncorediva.wordpress.com

Wakeup 08-27-17

Rick opened by opining that the “main stream” media and Hollywood are responsible for the divide in our country, and explained how “cord cutting” is reducing their cash flow.  Cable and satellite providers forward some of the monies subscribers pay them to each of the channels the subscriber can get (regardless of whether the subscriber ever watches that particular channel or not).

Next, Hal gave us the facts about, and we discussed the fact that on Monday the Craven County Schools requested that the Board of Commissioners give them a sizeable amount of money for them to lease I-Pads for every student and teacher in kindergarten through 12th grade.  Several interesting things emerged.  The amount of the request was never mentioned (it was in the online agenda).  The money was to come from the county’s “capital account” (taxpayer monies set aside for bricks and mortar projects) even though it’s to be an on going annual expense.  (This kind of thing is happening in Beaufort County, too.)  And the I-Pads are to be provided for kindergartners and first and second graders in spite of the fact that CCTA members who were on Kim Fink’s Public Education Committee and attended all of the Academic Standards Review Commission hearings in Raleigh heard an early childhood development specialist who testified say that beginning to use electronic devices too early retards the development of a child’s motor skills and is counter productive in the early grades.

We also got into a discussion of the place of real books in addition to electronics which led to a brief mention of the effects of an EMP event and how the likes of North Korea (among others) would love to cause such a thing in America.

Hal mentioned the feed-back we’ve gotten from Scott Harrellson (Craven’s Public Health Director – I think that’s the right title) on our website about what we’ve said about the Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers (FQHCs) in Craven, and he read Mr. Harrellson’s full statement.  Then, by way of contrast, he talked about what Mr. Harrellson said when he was selling the idea of the first FQHC in Craven.  (He was able to do that because he’d saved a hard copy of the power-point Mr. Harrellson used at the time.)

We next got into what the General Assembly is up to, and this includes hearings on new General Assembly districts (NC House and Senate) conducted in locations around the state this past Tuesday (8-22-17).  Hal and I participated in the one held in Washington, NC.  There were a total of 7 locations including one at the Legislative Building in Raleigh, and all locations were tied together via cameras and video.  Rep. David Lewis conducted all the meetings from the Raleigh location, but there were members of the General Assembly and Sargents-at-Arms in each location.  All citizens who signed up had an opportunity to talk.  It began by 2 or 3 people speaking in one location, then moving to the next location, and the next, etc.  Before it was over, it was obvious that not everyone would get to speak using that format, so the connections were shut down, and each location finished as an individual meeting.  Representative Michael Speciale, Senator Norman Sanderson, and Senator Harry Brown were in the Washington location.  Although there were a sizeable number of Republicans in attendance, citizens who spoke seemed to be predominantly members of the NAACP and Democrats who were upset about gerrymandering.  Republicans offered varied suggestions.  Hal’s and my “hot button” was the fact that two truly conservative Representatives (Pittman and Ford) have been double-bunked in Cabarrus County while a much less conservative Representative will have a district all to herself in the same county, AND there is a third district in the same county as well.  Also, Senator Bill Cook (another conservative) will have a new district which is thought to be inhospitable to him.

We talked about “crowd sourcing” (do another duckduckgo search) and how that is developing a large body of information about the subjects that wikileaks leaked.  We didn’t so much discuss the pros and cons of wikileaks actions as what having that information in the public realm has lead/is leading to because of the crowd sourcing approach.  Mary mentioned that both The Daily Caller and Gateway Pundit have good information online on the topic, too.

The last 5 minutes or so is an interview Rick did with Jerry Schill, Chairman of the God & Country Christian Alliance, one of their meetings Rick attended which featured Deborah Dewart (author of Death of a Christian Nation), and the Christian Alliance’s upcoming God & Country Banquet to be held starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Havelock Convention Center on September 18 featuring Judge Paul Newby as the keynote speaker.  Tickets are $20.

Wakeup 08-20-17

We talked about recent events that are attempts to rewrite history and make southerners ashamed of our heritage.  We mentioned events involving Frederick Douglas and Jefferson Davis as two examples that refute many of the accusations currently being leveled at the old south.

Then, we brought ourselves back to current events and proposed the notion that perhaps part of why southern culture/history is under attack is that it is a part of the country that tends to be religions and hold high moral standards, where family values and honesty are important, and right and wrong mean something.  In other words, it is a part of the country where the left’s amoral/immoral ideas tend to fall on deaf ears, so maybe we need taking down a peg or two so that we don’t feel so secure in our world view.

We talked about the NC Governor’s wanting to remove Civil War monuments, and the NC law that prevents that from happening without the approval of the General Assembly, and briefly mentioned the fact that CCTA’s State Legislative Action Committee was present at the House hearing on that bill, and how it was handled at the time.

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