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Mainstream Media can no longer be trusted to report the truth and be unbiased. Operation Mockingbird is a declassified large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early years of the Cold War and attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes. It funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations. This technique is still used today to coordinate the headlines and talking points across mainstream media outlets. It is absolutely necessary that you do your own Fact Checking and research. Do not use G00GLE as it is biased and filters search results. DuckDuckGo is an alternative search engine you can use.

Here we will provide Alternate News Sources that may assist you in your own research. These are provided as informational resources only and are not necessarily endorsed or verified by CCTA.

One America News Network is owned by Herring Networks, Inc. Herring Networks, Inc. is a family owned and operated, independent media company focused on providing high quality national television programming to consumers via its national cable networks.

Good source for Live Streaming and conservative news. is a nonpartisan news media brand based in Washington, D.C. committed to just reporting facts from journalists.

NTD is a New York-based, global television network founded in 2001 by Chinese-Americans who fled communism. They understood that independent media are crucial to a free society. So they created NTD to bring the world uncensored and truthful information—no matter the cost.

We remain free from all external influence—whether from political, financial, or special interests, and cover stories that others don’t. Our arts and lifestyle programs embody universal values, and celebrate the best of humanity’s culture and traditions. reports today’s news headlines, live news stream, news videos from Americans and global readers seeking the latest in current events, politics, U.S., world news, health, finance, and more.

Reporting important news other media ignore. Clear, fact-based journalism without spin or hidden agendas: US, politics, China, world, opinion, business, science, art…

COVID-19: Science-Based Information

Promoting American Election Integrity

AWED (Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions)

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We cannot confirm or endorse all links on this list but thought it might be helpful!

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