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November 17
Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association (CCTA) and the
God & Country Christian Alliance
NC General Assembly Forum

All the current and newly elected members of the NC General Assembly who represent Beaufort, Carteret, Craven, and Pamlico counties have been invited to speak at the November 17th meeting of the
Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association (CCTA).

Senator Norman Sanderson,
Keith Kidwell and Michael Speciale,
plus Representative-elect Steve Tyson will participate.
Representative Pat McElrath
hopes to participate if she can get permission from her
physician. (Rep. McElrath is recovering from triple by-pass surgery.)
Senator Erica Smith
has not yet responded to an invitation to participate.

Our representatives have been asked to share their thoughts on three subjects with us. The first topic is the integrity of our vote in NC. Is it properly protected? Can and should the General Assembly do more to protect it? What changes, if any, do you think should be enacted? The second topic we’d like our representatives to share their thoughts on is whether there has been gubernatorial overreach during the China virus “emergency,” and what, if anything, the General Assembly should do to prevent gubernatorial overreach during declared emergencies.

Finally, our representatives will be asked to share their thoughts on the proposal to convene a “Convention of States” for the purpose of amending our US Constitution.

There will be an opportunity to talk to your representatives in personal conversations; just introduce yourself and “pitch into” asking about whatever concerns you. Also, time permitting, there will be an opportunity to ask questions after our representatives have shared their thoughts on the three topics previously raised.

Tuesday November 17, 2020 @ 7 PM

Stanly Hall Ballroom
249 Craven St (corner Craven and Pollock St.)
New Bern

Take elevator to 2nd floor

Craven County Board of Education Candidates Forum


Important Meeting Notice

Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association (CCTA)


Forum on Voter Integrity

With Special Guest Jay DeLancy
Founder of Voter Integrity Project

He is a fabulous speaker and will cover the following topics:

Current lawfare in NC

Stopping Fraud Before the Election

Stopping Fraud After the election

Find out what YOU can do to make sure elections are fair!

Get Involved!!

This will be followed by a panel discussion on questions submitted by our committee.

Panelists are:

Senator Norman Sanderson,
Representative Michael Speciale,
Representative Keith Kidwell,

Board of Elections Directors
Meloni Wray: Craven,
Caitlin Sabadish: Carteret

Tuesday August 18, 2020 @ 7 PM

Stanly Hall Ballroom

249 Craven St (corner Craven and Pollock St.)
 New Bern

Take elevator to 2nd floor

Back the Blue July 21st

Rally will group at City Hall at 10:00 then will march to Union Point where speakers will speak from the Gazebo.


Public Meeting June 16

On June 6, 1944, the largest seaborne invasion the world has ever known took place, and Frank Devita was there. Frank had just turned 18, and he made 3 trips ferrying marines to Normandy Beach in France. His job was to drop the gate when they had gotten close enough to the beach for the marines to disembark. Frank has a remarkable story to tell, and he’ll share his experiences with Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association (CCTA) and their guests at the “virtual meeting” to be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 16. You’re invited to join us on Zoom. Just go to and find the details on our homepage.
The world has long marveled at what the allied troops were able to accomplish at Normandy. That day and the days that followed revealed the strength and fortitude of our “greatest generation.”

What’s their secret? How did they accomplish the “impossible?”
Today, Frank Devita is 97 years old, and he’s as sharp as a tack. It’s a blessing to have him share his experiences and his outlook on life with us. I expect we can each learn a thing or two from Frank.

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
When: Jun 16, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Wow! Something useful from the NY Times

Be sure to read and keep this link from the article 


March Public Meeting Canceled

Due to current events and Public Safety
This months meeting is CANCELED
We will Reschedule for later date.

Article V Convention & Term Limits Good or Bad for our republic?

On Tuesday March 17th, the Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association (CCTA) is going to hold old fashioned debates on whether an Article V Convention of States would be good for our republic and whether a requirement of Term Limits for all elected offices would be a good or bad idea.  Representatives Michael Speciale and Keith Kidwell, New Bern Mayor, Dana Outlaw, and past Craven County Commissioner and current candidate for the NC House, Steve Tyson, will be on the debate teams.

It has been noted that civility, facts, reasoned analysis, and constructive and informative public discourse has been in short supply recently.  Having those things lacking makes it very hard for citizens to understand the issues and make informed decisions for themselves.  It would be useful to create a venue in which there is logical, polite discussion, and there are not any shouting matches.  CCTA wants to do exactly that.

The two topics have been chosen because they are of great current interest, but they do not tend to be conservative vs. liberal or Republican vs. Democrat issues.  There are people who identify themselves in all four camps on each side of each question, so while people are passionate about them, they don’t seem to divide along typical lines.  Therefore, they seem to be excellent choices for a “debate and learn” approach.

The Oxford-style debate format will be used.  This allows the team on each side of the proposal to have an equal opportunity to share their view of the facts, their opinions, and their persuasive ideas.  With any luck, this will lead to the audience’s becoming informed and exposed to opposing ideas without the anger, but with interesting intellectual energy, and the audience will have an opportunity to participate also.

Here’s how it will work.  The moderator will make a statement (or “motion”).  One team will be “for” the statement.  The other team will be “against” it. 

Before the debate begins, the audience will vote (by secret ballot) as to whether they are “for” or “against” the statement.  After ballots have been turned in, but before results are announced, the debate begins.  Representatives of teams “for” and “against” take turns speaking for the same amount of time for their “Opening Remarks” which are generally pre-prepared (at least as to sequence of facts and ideas).

After each person has made his or her opening remarks, there is an intra-panel discussion among the debaters.  The debaters talk to each other directly about statements made in opening remarks.  The moderator tosses questions to the debaters as well.

Next, there is a question and answer period in which the audience can question the debaters and get clarification on any points they don’t fully understand.

Following the Q&A session, each debater has two minutes to give a closing argument in which they typically summarize their key points and “sell” their view of things to the audience.  After everyone on each side has finished giving his or her closing argument, the audience votes (by secret ballot) on whether he or she is “for” or “against” the statement again.

Whichever team has the most votes change in their favor from the first to the second round of votes is the winner of the debate.

Debates conducted with intellectual honesty and an interest in persuasion are fun, stimulating, and informative.  We expect this to be such a debate.  Please, join us on Tuesday, March 17, at Stanly Hall Ballroom in downtown New Bern at 7 p.m.  Come early for “cookies and conversation.”  The elevator entrance to the second floor ballroom is at 249 Craven Street.

Page Editor’s Note:

To learn more about Oxford-style debate, go to or do an internet search for “debate styles.”  RJ    

NC Courts Presentation

On February 18th, Judge Bob Cherry gave the following presentation on the makeup of the NC court system.


Public Meeting Reminder

Remember the third Tuesday is our public meeting at Stanly Hall. Tonight’s meeting will be with candidates for judgeships. All candidates for judge have been invited. Judge Bob Cherry will begin with a short introduction to what the roles and responsibilities of the different judgeships are. Questions and Answers will follow. Remember the importance of judges within our system of government and come and meet the candidates.

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