Report on December 2nd meeting of the

Report on December 2nd meeting of the
NC Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee


On Tuesday, Dec. 2, several members of CCTA attended this meeting and our Common Core Watchdog Committee chairman Kim Fink gave a presentation.

Dear Members of The Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee,

On December 2 I had the opportunity to share with this committee The Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association (CCTA) perspective on the current Advanced Placement U.S. History Framework, and alignment with NC graduation requirement alignment.  A special Thank You to Rep. Johnson for her kind invitation.

Attached you will find my presentation, my supporting documents directly from the college board evidence planner, 2 documents created specifically for NC from Larry Krieger, one of the foremost experts in the area of US History, and the DPI recommendation.

Since not all of the members were present, and several of you asked for e mail copies, I am sending this to everyone.

We would like to again express our opposition to the combination of the Founding Principles Act with Civics and economics, as this is NOT in compliance with current law, House bill 588 requiring A SEMESTER of the Founding Principles, not a quick pass over included in another class.  Mastery of the founding documents cannot be met in bits and pieces.  Dr. Atkinson reported that all the principles were covered in previous grades, as well as in Civics and Economics.  History is not Civics and Economics!  Civics and Economics will teach how things work together, to teach economic literacy, to teach about the differing branches of government, NOT how we got there.  We strongly oppose the DPI suggestion that these classes be combined.  In addition, We find it alarming that none of DPI’s suggestions included following the law as it is written, again usurping the authority of the General Assembly.  DPI has taken too much authority from the General Assembly, as you well know from the continuing fight on Common Core, and their lawsuit against oversight.

We would like you to consider WHY this is so important now, and what is at stake.  Is the true concern that the kids get the firm foundation they need to be successful in life, or is it about covering DPI  for not following the law and graduating students which are out of compliance?  Who’s best interest’s are at stake here?  The easy thing is to do what DPI asks.  The RIGHT thing to do is to follow the law that YOU put in place.

Respectively yours,

Kim Fink
Education Watchdog Chairman

See the report and attachments here!


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