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Petition: Craven County Board of Education – 20 November 2014

 Hal James, Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association

 Kim Fink, Glenn Fink, and I have petitioned the Craven County Board of Education on a number of occasions on Common Core Standards and the Advance Placement United States History Curriculum (APUSH). I petitioned this board on 21 August, 2014 and received a reply signed by Mr. Ipock dated 22 October 2014. I want to read the last paragraph:  “While we respect your opinion, at this time the Board of Education does not see a need to push back on the new NP History Curriculum.”

I had referred you to APUSH Key Concept 7.3:  Which reads, “Global conflicts over resources, territories, and ideologies renewed debates over the nation’s values and its role in the world while simultaneously propelling the United States into a dominant international military, political, cultural, and economic position.”

Under this key concept is a brief description of the involvement of the United States in World War II, which states, in part, that wartime experiences, such as internment of “Japanese Americans” (not exactly a shining moment in US history) and the decision to drop the atomic bomb raised questions about America values.

I would like to ask, “Raised questions among whom?” I FOUND THIS VERY OFFENSIVE!   I remember the last days of World War II well. My uncles had just helped vanquished Hitler in Germany and now expected to have to invade Japan. I was old enough to understand the worry my family was feeling.

THEN CAME WORD OF THE ATOMIC BOMBS FALLING IN JAPAN! What a relief! Hundreds of thousand of American lives had been saved!

I can’t for the life of me, understand how fighting Hitler’s Nazi Storm Troopers and liberating Europe can be likened to “Global conflict over resources, territories, and ideologies.”

I would appreciate a more comprehensive reply to my petition.

Thank you.

Hal Signiture3

Hal James

CCTA Watchdog Committee

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