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Craven County Board of Education-ELECTION by DISTRICT

Petition Regarding Method of Election of Board of Education
in Craven County, North Carolina

WHEREAS, the current method of electing members of the Board of Education in Craven County, North Carolina is very confusing to voters. (In the primary election, only voters living within the district may vote for that district's candidate; however, in the general election, voters county-wide may vote for a candidate in each district on the ballot.)

And WHEREAS, the notion of candidates in any race being "non-partisan" is an oxymoron and is pure fiction because, when members of a political party help someone get elected, they expect the person elected to reflect the world-view espoused by that political party's platform as they serve in the office to which they were elected, and

WHEREAS, the school system itself coupled with the Board of Education's communication system is a county-wide mechanism to communicate with voters in every district of the county who are known to have an interest in the workings of the Board of Education, and this tends to favor candidates supported by the existing Board of Education.

NOW BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the undersigned people who are registered voters in Craven County do hereby petition the General Assembly of North Carolina to change the method of electing members of the Craven County Board of Education to partisan races elected by voters in the school district of the candidate's residence only. This petition may be executed in many counterparts, and each will be considered a part of the whole.


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INTERPOSITION-Petition to the North Carolina General Assembly

Please help us affect the following legislation.

Petition to the North Carolina General Assembly
from Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association (CCTA)

We the undersigned do petition the North Carolina General Assembly to pass a law that asserts it will interpose itself between the people of North Carolina and any attempt at federal overreach regarding the 2nd Amendment, including an Executive Order contrary to the 2nd Amendment. We believe it is the duty of the General Assembly to thus protect the people of North Carolina.


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Petition to the North Carolina General Assembly-CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY

Petition to the North Carolina General Assembly
from Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association (CCTA)

We the undersigned do petition the North Carolina General Assembly to pass a Constitutional Carry law that codifies the assertions in the United States and North Carolina Constitutions and supersedes all previous North Carolina laws infringing on the right of North Carolinians to keep and bear arms.


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