CCTA Members at March 4 Trump Rally Raleigh

Some neat pictures at the rally for Trump in Raleigh!



Ann t, Hal, Ed S, and Gladys among another part of listening crowd                                     Banners for victims of illegal aliens unfurled

Connor Groce, conservative author speaks

Deceased victims of illegal aliens remembered







Ed, Gladys, Catherine, Matt, and Raynor at breakfast                                                             Gadi Adelman speaks about Muslim Brotherhood plans








Hal talks to NC Sen Rabin (COL, US Army Ret)

NC Sen Rabin (Col US Army Ret)  speaks





  Listeners, incl Connie Hanna, Gladys Suessle


Michele Nix speaks at Raleigh Trump rally


Sue Googe, 2016 Candidate for Congress speaks                                                                                                                                                                    NC Rep Jimmy Dixon speaks


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