CCTA Vetting -Norman Sanderson – Republican-NC Senate District 2

1.       How do you want to be contacted?,

919-733-5706  office,


 2.       Your educational background, experience and demonstrations of leadership?

BA in Christian Ed. From Logos University, 800 + hours in law enforcement

training, 17 years small business owner in child care,  former real estate broker

with own firm, former CCTA vice chair, Former Pamlico County Republican

Party Chair, Former 3rd Congressional District Vice Chair, 2 years in NC Houseserving Craven and Pamlico Counties, 6 years NC Senate District 2 serving

Craven, Carteret and Pamlico Counties. Current Senate Committee Chair of

Agriculture and Natural Resources, Chair of Justice and Public Safety

Appropriations, Current NC Legislative Republican Joint Caucus Leader.

3.       Memberships and associations?

NC Tourism Board, NC Cancer Awareness Association, CCTA

4.       Why are you running for this office?

It is my intention to help make NC the best state in the Nation. To protect

the rights of those living here now and for those who will live here in the future.

5.       As a representative of Coastal North Carolina what is your stance on regulation

of recreational and commercial fishing?

Seafood is a natural resource belonging to all citizens of this state. We must find the right way to balance the needs of commercial and recreational and not favor one or the other. We are currently out of balance. We have to fix the problem

6.       Would you support a ban on Sharia Law or any other foreign law in America?


We have taken the first steps to protect our citizens from foreign law in the NC Legislature.

7.       What place does God have in public schools?

God is the foundation from which all education originates. To deny that

portion of our history to our children is wrong.

8.       Should high school students be taught our founding history and the details of the U.S. Constitution?


9.       Would you support a law to remove requirements for “Certificate Of Need”?

Yes. I filed legislation in 2016 that would do just that. I will refile it in 2019.

10.   What is your position on gun registration, gun free zones and concealed

carry laws?

The right to bear arms is not just a good idea, it’s a constitutional right and

necessary to maintain our freedom. We have and will always have enemies

both foreign and domestic for which we will need to protect ourselves and our families. I have and will always be very, very leery of being on anyone’s list. Gun free zones are an open invitation for disaster.

11.   Do you support border security, including the wall, and better controlled


We are 50 years late in fixing our immigration problems. A nation without a

secure, controlled border is not really a nation. I do support the wall and any

other measure to guarantee our sovereignty.

12.   Do you support picture ID requirements for voting?

Always have and always will in every state in this country.

13.   What is your view on nullification and interposition?

My first choice would be Convention of States. The next best option is nullification

(erasing the effects of bad legislation or interposition (intervening).

14.   If elected, what is your number one priority?

To make permanent the positive changes we have begun in the General Assembly. To continue the mission of guaranteeing the rights of our citizens.


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