CCTA’s Legislative Action Committee scored a Victory on March 10, 2021

We received an email from Wynne Coleman, Chairman of the No Convention of States NC Committee, telling us that HJR 172 (requesting that an Article V convention be called) was going to be voted on in the NC House at 3 p.m.

Wynne included the emails of all House members in batches so that we could cut and paste to emails we sent telling why we were afraid of HJR 172’s passage.  Many of us jumped on it and wrote to every member of the House.  Some of us also called key House members.

Our reasons varied, but included the fact that conventions are self-contained bodies.  Their first order of business is to set their rules.  Article V in the U.S. Constitution does NOT set forth any limitations to that.  The last time a similar thing was tried in our country, the Articles of Confederation were to be amended, but what happened was the convention discarded them and produced our wonderful Constitution instead.

Today’s people are not as wise, as well educated, or as moral as our founders.  Our founders made a study of the rise and fall of civilizations, what worked, and what did not.  They had a strong consensus on those things and were motivated to produce a government designed to protect the persons, liberties, and opportunities of citizens.  Today’s people are more apt to be ill informed and confused.  Just look at our biased media, political correctness, cancel culture, disinformation, and the like.  Let’s return to morality and common sense before we even THINK about a Constitutional convention!  

Guess what?  The emails and calls worked!  The war is ongoing, but we WON that battle.  HJR 172 was sent BACK to the Rules Committee.  That’s the action that typically happens when something “leadership” wants passed does NOT have enough votes to pass.

Wynne Coleman made it easy for us with her very insightful letter that included all the email addresses of House members, and we surely want to thank her for that!

In addition, other people on Wynne’s “No Convention of States NC Committee” and other groups worked cooperatively, too, so it certainly wasn’t our victory alone, but we were squarely on the winning team, and we need to take a moment to savor our victory!



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