CCTA’s Wakeup Call moves to 107.1 The Talk Station


CCTA’s Conservative Talk Radio Show
is moving!

Beginning Sunday, Oct 16

CCTA Wakeup Call

will air every Sunday at 11:00 am
on The Talk Station, WTKF 107.1 FM

Our new show will air for 1 whole hour!

Tune in to hear about local issues from a conservative perspective
and then stick around for FOX News Sunday.


1 thought on “CCTA’s Wakeup Call moves to 107.1 The Talk Station

  1. Listening to your show, Sharia Law and Islam,
    is a near unbelievable wake up experience. I had no idea Islam was so well organized. Now that your radio show has connected all of the dots, and more, one can see what is taking place, right in plain sight. Thank you.

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