Disappointing Joint Meeting of Craven Board of Commissioners and the Craven School Board Board

Yesterdays joint meeting of the Craven County Board of Commissioners and the Craven County Board of Education was a disappointment.  There was no discussion of the budget, because it apparently had not been heard by the school board from their administrators alone first.

We heard the same old explanations of why the school board had a penalty of $255,000 from the federal governments Military Impact Funds, with inadequate explanation of the reasons for that.  If the signature on the cover page was sent in landscape instead of portrait so the signature did not show, as explained by Chairman of the school board, Carr Ipock, it was sloppy work, .pdf files can be sent in portrait the same as any other files if it is done correctly.

No report on the reading abilities of third graders that Commissioner Dacey has asked for for over a year.  Just assurance again that the report will be forthcoming.

Just the same ole Kumbaya that we will communicate better and meet more often.  Will that really happen and what good will it do?

Of course, all of us are very concerned about the education of our nation’s children, but I’m also concerned about the socialist indoctrination of America’s students at the hands of the National Department of Education.



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