NC Needs a Full Forensic Audit

Dear CCTA Members and Friends,
As we all know, the 2020 election was fraudulent. There is an imposter in the White House, and look what that is costing us. Our honor and our safety have been thrown away.
President Trump won in NC, but do we have the Attorney General we voted for? Did President Trump even get all the votes we gave him?
I believe votes were “flipped” in NC. I also believe more of the “minor” cheating that is “usual” went on, but in larger numbers. Are those things true or not? Don’t you want to know the truth?
If there was massive cheating (and I believe there was), will it ever stop if we don’t expose it, make arrests, have trials, get convictions, and mete out appropriate punishment? After all, the rewards of successfully cheating are HUGE.
NC needs to have a full forensic audit. Every state does. Go to to sign a petition requesting one. Then go to and read report number 10 on the homepage where John Droz, Jr., PhD explains what a full forensic audit includes.
Then let your NC Senator and NC House member know you want a full forensic audit.  
If there is not action soon in the General Assembly toward getting an audit underway, perhaps we’ll have to “take to the streets in large numbers” for a “Martin Luther King, Jr. style peaceful protest” in Raleigh and in towns all across NC to let them know we are serious. (That idea was recently expressed in a speech by Sheriff David Clarke, and I agree with him. Do you?)
If we don’t find the truth and fix this mess, our republic, our God-given rights, and our safety will no longer exist. We need to make this happen.
Raynor James, Page Editor
“Your Coastal Carolina Taxpayers in action…” 

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