Party Affiliation of School Board Candidates Should Be Known

The Craven County Board of Commissioners is currently accepting comments on their proposed resolution through the county clerk, Nan Holton.  There will be a public hearing April 5, 2021, at 7 p.m. in the Craven County Convention Center in New Bern.  However, only the first 160 attendees will be admitted, and they request that masks be worn and social distancing be observed.

Below is a link to the resolution.

Please support this resolution by attending the meeting or by sending your thoughts in an email to the Craven County Board of Commissioners.  Send email to Nan Holton, the county clerk:  

Posted below is a letter that was sent by Raynor James to Nan Holton.  

Dear Ms. Holton,

I want to comment on the proposed Board of Commissioners’ resolution to elect members of the Board of Education in Craven County in November general elections with candidates’ political party affiliations identified, and by further providing that candidates be elected by citizens of the district they are to represent.  Will you please share this email with each of them?

I see it as a good resolution.  The very best part of it is the proposed change to identify the party affiliation of the candidates.  The two parties have very different platforms.  Each party puts pressure on its office holders to conform to the party’s wishes.  Not to recognize the “carrots” (some might say, “bribes”) and “sticks” (some might say, “blackmail”) they apply would be foolish or naive.  Knowing a candidate’s party affiliation doesn’t tell the whole story, but it is a broad hint.

I’ve heard the argument that “politics doesn’t belong in our schools” in opposition to showing candidates’ party affiliation on ballots.  That is either naive innocence or disingenuous.  Our public schools are some of THE MOST POLITICAL places on our planet.  We’re paying perfectly good tax money to indoctrinate our students to be ashamed of traditional American values, reject the concepts we were founded upon (by misrepresenting them), create gender confusion, encourage looking at the world through the lens of race, believe that humans are creating climate change, and to hate math because it’s so convoluted.

The mess our schools are in will not be cleaned up UNTIL we recognize that politics rule our schools and take corrective action.  The first step in solving a problem is recognizing the nature of that problem.  Our problem stems from pretending the Board of Education is apolitical.  It is not.  It IS political, and we citizens need to know as much as we can about the politics of Board of Education candidates BEFORE we vote.

I truly appreciate the Board of Commissioners’ resolution and thank them for it!


Raynor James

P.S.  I believe there may be an error in the second “Resolved” clause in the resolution.  Shouldn’t the phrase “Craven County Board of Elections” be “Craven County Board of Education” instead?


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