Rep. Keith Kidwell’s HB 264 (Emergency Powers Accountability Act)

Call To Action

Dear CCTA Legislative Action Committee,

Rep. Keith Kidwell’s HB 264 (Emergency Powers Accountability Act) is going to be heard in the House Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House Committee (aka House Rules Committee) on Tuesday, March 30 at 9 a.m.  The committee will meet in Room 1228/1327 in the legislative building on Jones Street.

Remember, this is the bill that, if passed, will require the Governor to get the approval of a majority of members of the Council of State within 48 hours of his asking for it prior to exercising an emergency power.

Keith asked that we go to the General Assembly, and/or call the members of the House Rules Committee, and/or send the members of the House Rules Committee an email.  He wants us to pay special attention to the Democrats because if it passes, it will need some Democrats to help override a veto; there are not enough Republican votes to do that.

Here’s what I hope we can do.  I want us to meet at the Food Lion parking lot (out near the cash point) at 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning (3-30-21) to car pool to Raleigh, go to the hearing (and hopefully have an opportunity to speak), and then come home without visiting around and without “walking 5 miles.”  Can you do that, please? 

Before that (tomorrow), I hope we can call and/or email the Democrat members of the House Rules Committee.  Hopefully, they will respond favorably to the idea that no matter who the Governor is, he or she should not be able to close down our state indefinitely on a unilateral basis, and HB 264 needs to be sent to the floor of the House and passed so that the Council of State and the General Assembly has the ability to buffer our citizens from unnecessarily harsh treatment.

The Democrats on the House Rules Committee follow…

Rep. Gale Adcock‘s phone is 919-733-5602.  Her Legislative Assistant is Suzanne Smith.

Rep. Becky Carney‘s phone is 919-733-5827.  Beth LeGrande is her LA.

Rep. Carla Cunningham‘s phone is 919-733-5807.  Sherrie Burnette is her LA.

Rep. Howard Hunter, III’s phone is 919-733-5780.  Loria Williams is his LA.

Rep. Amos Quick, III’s phone is 919-733-5902.  His LA is Jasmine Quick.  (wife?)

Rep. Robert Reives, II’s phone is 919-733-0057.  Veronica Green is his LA.

Rep. William Richardson‘s phone is 919-733-5601.  Leigh Lawrence is his LA.

Rep. Shelly Willingham‘s phone is 919-715-3024.  His LA is Johnna Smith.

Rep. Michael Wray‘s phone is 919-733-5662.  Susan Burleson is his LA.

The email addresses are…

Thanks for your help with this, and can you go to Raleigh with us on Tuesday March 30???



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