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Check out my latest article – “The NC House: Hospitals are Too Important to Fail, but Taxpayers are Too Unimportant to Save Them Money.”  It’s quite a comprehensive look at HB-184.

HB-184 MUST be struck down in the NC Senate.  State Treasurer Folwell MUST be allowed to continue with his reforms to the State Health Plan. 

HB-184 is a super bad bill that will cost the North Carolina taxpayers well over $150 million. The bill transfers power and authority from NC Treasurer Dale Folwell to reform the State Health Plan (which is only currently funded at 4% – The reminder being unfounded liabilities that the taxpayer will be on the hook for) to the big hospitals and their lobbyists. Folwell has come up with a good and common-sense plan to save money and to save the State Health Plan (covers state employees such as teachers, firemen, state troopers and more, and retirees) but the hospitals don’t like it. They want to continue gauging the Plan by submitting highly inflated costs and bills. So the hospitals pressured state legislators to pass HB-184, which has already passed the NC House.

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