The Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB-189)

Dear CCTA Members and Friends,

Important good news! The Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB-189) was filed in Raleigh today. It’s under 3 pages long, and it is dynamite! It reads like our founding documents, but in today’s language. I loved reading it!  

The bill’s primary sponsors are Rep. Keith Kidwell, Rep. Bobby Hanig, Rep. Ed Goodwin, and Rep. Jay Adams, and we owe them a big, fat THANK YOU!  

However, THE WORK HAS JUST BEGUN. Please, call your Representative in the NC House and encourage him or her to support the bill. And for good measure, please call Rep. Tim Moore, Speaker of the House, at 919-733-3451 and tell him that it is terribly important to you that he support the bill. Show your enthusiasm for it!

You can read the bill HERE.

Raynor James, Chairman

CCTA’s Political Action Committee 


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