Vetting Interview With Larry Holmquist, Candidate For US Senate

Larry Holmquist, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, was interviewed in person by a committee comprised of Ann Bowman, Brad Cummings, and Raynor James (Chair) on February 24, 2016.

1) Name, address, phone, and email?

Larry Holmquist


4902 Towne Ridge Drive, Greensboro, North Carolina, 27455

2) Educational background and experience?

I graduated from public schools in Juliette, Illinois. I entered Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa in 1972 and graduated in May, 1976. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

I worked in the banking field for 4 years. I worked in both banks and savings and loan organizations during this time.

In 1980, I went into outside sales. I worked in that capacity in the publishing industry, for a company that made industrial safety equipment, and leasing fleets of cars to businesses.

I’d always wondered about owning my own business, and I bought a money mailer franchise in Greensboro in 1999. I worked very hard in this business for two years and took very little money out of it, but I had a very good payday when a gentleman made me an offer I couldn’t refuse in the summer of 2001. As part of the deal, I agreed to work with the person who bought the business for 2 months. My last day was September 10, 2001.

My wife had just received a promotion. I decided to stay at home.

3) Memberships and associations?

At this point, I became even more active in my church. I served on the Elder Board, taught Sunday school, and served in the choir. I also serve the Salvation Army’s kettle ringing campaign annually. I work with a pregnancy center, and have worked on several political campaigns. In 2014, I served as Jeff Philips’ campaign manager. Unfortunately, Jeff didn’t win that campaign, but he is now serving as the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Guilford County.

4) Why are you running for this office?

I made the decision to run on September 27, 2013 when I heard the news that Senator Burr had voted with the majority in the Senate for ObamaCare. I could not abide that. I said, “That’s it. If no one else runs against him, I will.” I thought maybe Mark Meadows or Dan Forest would run, but they didn’t, so I filed on December 14th to stand up for the country.

5) What is the organizational structure of your campaign, fundraising capability, etc.?

I have a modest campaign. I’m it, but I’m not the only donor. My donations are a far cry from the $5 to $6 million Burr will probably raise; they’re more like $5 to $6,000. It’s a money vs. manpower campaign.

Essentially, I’m my own campaign manager and PR person. I set my schedule and find events to attend. Now invitations are coming in, and I’m getting calls from newspapers for stories, and invited for radio interviews, and am getting a fair number of TV requests. In this area, I’ve been on the Lockwood Philips, Raeford Brown, and Tyler Crawley shows. I’m active on social media, and I’m asking for endorsements from folks who do voter guides. I’m optimistic.

6) Which of the Founding Fathers do you most admire? Why?

George Washington.

He showed incredible courage, moral strength, and faith in God. I’m sure you’ve seen the picture of him kneeling in the snow beside his horse at Valley Forge. He tried to impart his strengths to his men, too. When his men took the Lord’s name in vain, he told them that we dare not take the Lord’s name in vain because we need His help in order to win. By the grace of God we prevailed then, and with the grace of God, we can again.

7) Margaret Thatcher once said, “Consensus is a lack of leadership.” Do you agree? Why or why not?

Not necessarily.

It depends on what’s being discussed and negotiated.

8) Which President do you most admire?

It comes down to 2 or 3. Washington. Lincoln. Reagan. If I have to pick 1, then Lincoln.

The nation was unraveling when he took office. There were draft riots and racial unrest. Faith in God is what sustained him and gave him strength.

9) Do you believe the Founding Fathers intended the Constitution to be:

  1. An evolving document whose meaning changes with time?
  2. A permanent set of rules to limit the power of the federal government?

It’s “b.” Libs like to call it “a living, breathing document,” and they’re great at changing the rules. If it were adhered to, we’d be a lot better off than we are.

Unnumbered question) Discuss an ethical dilemma you faced. What happened? How did you resolve it?

Back in high school days, in math class during my junior or senior year, two classmates stole the answers to a major test. The teacher didn’t know it, but they were bragging about it. They were smart guys; one of them was president of the National Honor Society that year. I told the teacher about it. The teacher didn’t change the test. That was pretty much the end of my relationship with those guys.

10) Where do individual rights come from?

From God.

11) What do you know about Common Core?

We have no children, so I don’t know a lot. I’ve not heard anything good about it. I think it was handed down from the U.S Department of Education, and it’s one size fits all. It says that bureaucrats know what’s best for New Bern and Craven County. That’s ridiculous. That department needs to go. Then, the Department of Energy, too.

12) What is your opinion on gun ownership, registration, and gun free zones?

My wife and I have never owned a firearm, but we’re going to get one. You can’t always rely on the police.

I fully support the 2nd Amendment. If we lose that, all our freedoms would go away.

I don’t think there is any such thing as a gun free zone. It seems like almost every mass shooting is in a gun free zone – churches, schools, movie theatres.

I don’t have a problem with gun registration.

13) What does the phrase “Separation of Church and State” mean to you?

The government is not to actively form or promote a church, but it shouldn’t hinder churches either. It should not favor one faith over another one.

14) If elected, what would be your number one priority item during your term in office?

Making sure our nation is capable of defending itself against terrorism, nuclear, and all forms of attack. “I will make sure our military has what it needs to protect us.”

Our Navy is the smallest it’s been since WWI, our Army is the smallest it’s been since WWII. If we can’t defend ourselves, healthcare, etc. doesn’t matter.

For US Senate and House of Representatives only:   

1) What are your views on International Treaties and their impact on Constitutional rights?

They are supposed to be approved by the Senate. Unfortunately, that was turned on its head by Senator Corker with the deal with Iran. Because of Mr. Corker, 1/3 of the Senate approved of it instead of 2/3. The treaty itself was cloaked in secrecy.

It’s an over-simplification, but if Obama favored TPP (or whatever), I’d be against it. Hopefully, we’ll have a law abiding, constitutional President next.

2) The Senate approves Judicial Appointments. What would be your requirements for approving a Judicial Appointee?

I’d prefer someone conservative. Someone who doesn’t view the Constitution as a living, breathing document. Someone who doesn’t read things into it that aren’t there, and vice versa. Someone with an original constructionist view that it’s a fixed (not evolving) document.

3) Do you believe withholding funding for programs is an ethical way to prevent their implementation?

I’m fine with that. Republicans should not fund an executive order regarding amnesty.


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