The MURDER of HB-2… Why?

State Legislative Action Report
The Murder of HB-2

March 30, 2017 was a day of infamy in the North Carolina General Assembly. HB-2 was murdered. “Leadership” engineered the foul deed. They and others calling themselves “conservative” made it happen by passing HB-142 with the short title, “Reset of S.L. 2016-3” (aka “HB-2”).

What does HB-142 do?

1) It repeals HB-2.

2) It tells all subdivisions of the state (including schools) that they cannot regulate access to multiple occupancy restrooms, showers, or changing facilities except in accordance with an act of the General Assembly (an act which has not been passed yet, and may never be passed, but who knows?).

3) It forbids local governments from regulating private employment practices or public accommodations until December 1, 2020.

Now I’ve got some questions for you.

If HB-2 was a good law, and by George I believe it was, why are Republicans who say they’re conservative caving when they have a veto-proof majority?

Why is that same cast of characters betraying our Lieutenant Governor, Dan Forest, who consistently walked the walk of a conservative by standing strong for HB-2, encouraged other states to pass similar laws, and even visited Texas in a gesture of helpfulness when they were working on a law similar to HB-2? Have they no consciences, no loyalty to a fellow conservative?

One of the reasons put forward is the fear that the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals would “pull the rug” on HB-2.

Huh? You’re afraid it’s going away, so you throw it away yourselves? Operating from fear is not a good idea. Conservatives operate from principle and let the chips fall wherever they fall. Besides, if the 4th Circuit struck down HB-2, our General Assembly could have passed a law that simply says that subdivisions of the state cannot regulate multiple occupancy restrooms, showers, or changing facilities (as an interim step while battling all the way to the Supreme Court). Why the scramble to do this before the 4th Circuit creates a problem?

Another reason proffered is the “loss of revenue” caused by the loss of sporting events and celebrity performances. Those losses are not “net” losses. Not at all, and besides, they’re largely limited to the area that caused the problem to begin with. To the contrary, North Carolina’s overall economy is growing by leaps and bounds. We should be taking pride in that. The General Assembly’s changes to taxes and regulations are working, and more businesses are popping up in North Carolina and moving here from other places day by day.

Another question. If it’s a good idea for the General Assembly to forbid local government entities from regulating private employment practices or public accommodations before December 1, 2020, why is it okay to let them do it after that date?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m completely fed up.

CCTA is non-partisan, but I myself as an individual am a Republican because the Republican Platform closely resembles CCTA’s mission statement in the areas our mission statement covers, but I’m disgusted by the behavior of the so-called “conservative” Republicans who voted in favor of HB-142. I hope each and every one of them faces a primary opponent the next time he or she runs for office. Would you consider running for one of those seats???

Conversely, I’m very grateful to the conservative Republicans who voted “No” on HB-142. Who are they?

Senators Bishop, Brock, Cook, Harrington, Hise, Horner, Meredith, Rabin, Randleman, and Sanderson voted “No.”

House members who voted “No” are Representatives Arp, Bert Jones, Blackwell, Boles, Boswell, Brody, Bumgardner, Cleveland, Collins, Conrad, Destin Hall, Dobson, Elmore, Ford, K. Hall, Henson, Howard, Hurley, McElraft, McNeill, Millis, Pittman, Potts, Presnell, Setzer, Shepard, Speciale, Steinburg, Strickland, Torbett, R. Turner, Warren, and White.

Respectfully submitted,
(Raynor James, Chairman, CCTA State Legislative Action Committee)

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