Education Spending in NC

Now, Kay Hagan, Harry Reid and his SuperPAC and liberal politicians running for the state legislature are lying about education spending.

 I guess they forgot about this headline: ” Perdue orders deeper budget cuts; Hiring, raises put on hold” – Raleigh News & Observer, 12/22/2010

 And this one, “Governor cuts pay, calls for furloughs for state employees” – WRAL, 4/28/2009

 And this one, “State School Board sets teacher furlough policy.” – WRAL, 5/6/2009

Here is a small excerpt for you readers-on-the-go:

“Perdue, last week, ordered teachers and other state employees to take 10 hours of time off in return for pay cuts in May and June needed to balance the state budget.”

That’s right – Gov. Bev Perdue cut teacher pay and ordered teachers 

and state employees to take 10 hours off in May and June 

so that they could balance the state budget!!!

So here’s the truth about education spending. The chart below shows the total amount spent on each K-12 education budget starting in 2008 through 2014. These figures come from the state budget which is available online:

Ed Spending

You can clearly see how liberal politicians cut education, furloughed our teachers and fired them because they put politics over priorities.

Not to mention they froze teacher pay.

You can also see how Republicans have re-prioritized K-12 spending and increased that investment over $1 billion dollars – despite inheriting a $2.5 billion structural deficit from Gov. Bev Perdue, the highest taxes in the South and one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.

 So why are they lying? Because the truth is not on their side.

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