Greg Murphy answers CCTA Vetting Questions

Candidate’s name: Greg Murphy
Interview date: 4/4/19
Party affiliation: Republican
Postal address: PO Box 1131 Greenville, NC 27835
1) Who or what gives individual citizens their rights? God
2) What position does the U.S. Constitution have in your view of Federal legislation?
The Constitution is the law of the land and no legislation should violate the tenets of the
3) How do you view the idea of the various states’ using the concepts of “nullification”
and “interposition” when in those states’ view, the Federal government has overreached
the powers given it by the states’ ratification of the U.S. Constitution? I fully support
states having the right to exercise both options, but it would have to be an extreme
example of the federal government overreaching its power to move toward either. I
would be more apt to support interposition as it involves multiple states and would in
theory make sure that this serious act was given due consideration since multiple states
were taking the steps.
4) What is the Federal government’s role in the education of U.S. Citizens?
Although the Federal government currently has a large role in education, I would
support the abolishment of the Department of Education and move toward shifting all
power pertaining to education be moved to the states and local governments. Not only
does the Federal government not have the authority to be involved in education, the
best and most effective decisions will be made closer to home.
5) How should the Federal government’s budget be handled?
a.) look at last year’s budget and make adjustments from there, or
b.) question every single category of expenditure as to whether it is
Constitutional, whether it is needed, whether it has the potential to benefit all citizens
(as opposed to just a few), and whether we can afford it?
I believe expenditures should meet the criteria of being Constitutional and support a
Balanced Budget Amendment, which would require the Federal government to spend
no more than it takes in.
6) What is your view of the Federal government’s passing unfunded mandates which
the states must fund and implement? I do not support unfunded mandates.
7) What is your opinion of NC’s proposed HB-184 which would prevent NC Treasurer,
Dale Folwell from implementing his plan to make the medical charges made to the State
Health Plan transparent (to the plan itself and to the beneficiaries of the plan for their
co-payments), and to establish a reimbursement by the plan to health care providers
equal to the average reimbursement by Medicare plus 82%?
I agree completely with the goal of the Treasurer to save the SHP much needed money.
HB 184 will bring together experts in healthcare economics whose goal would be to not
only save the state more money but promote healthier living practices amongst program
8) Should any changes be made to how the Electoral College is used, and if so, what
changes should be made? The Electoral College is designed to prevent the states with
larger population from yielding too much power. It is an important part of keeping our
Nation a Constitutional Republican and not a pure democracy.
9) Upon election, what is your top priority? Moving as much power away from
Washington and back to Eastern North Carolina.
10) What are your beliefs regarding the foreign nationals who cross our borders
illegally? They are in this country illegally and should be treated as criminals and
removed from our country.
11) What is the role of government regarding impoverished citizens? Impoverished has
become a much too broad of a term when it comes to the Federal government.
Assistance should be provided only to those who are truly impoverished and programs
should have requirements to seek work with the goal of removing them from the
government rolls.
12) How can the government provide an atmosphere in which businesses can thrive?
Reducing burdensome regulations and let the American economy operate with as little
interference as possible.
13) Are our U.S. laws on immigration adequate, and if not, how should they be
Many of our current laws are not being enforced. Those laws on the books should be
enforced and the main change I would call for is the support of building a wall or other
barrier to prevent illegals from entering our country.
14) Do you think E-Verify should be universally used by all employers? And, if so, what
should be the consequence of non-compliance? E-verify is a good concept but it is too
burdensome on small businesses. If border laws were enforced, the amount of workers
requiring e-verification would be dramatically reduced.
15) Does the Federal government over-regulate commercial fishermen, under-regulate
them, or is Federal regulation of commercial fishing about right?
Commercial fishermen are over regulated. Furthermore, many of these regulations are
based upon poor scientific evidence that cannot justify the premise of the fisheries being
in danger.
16) Should Sharia Law or any foreign law have any force in any part of the USA?
Absolutely not.
17) Do you believe our country’s southern border should be secured by a wall?
Yes. A wall or some other suitable barrier to stop illegal border crossings.
18) What would cause you to call for bringing impeachment charges against a judge?
Only 15 Federal judges have ever been impeached. It would take a judge committing a
federal offense or making a major misuse of their power.
19) What are your beliefs about Federal gun laws? Federal gun laws should not be
expanded. By nature, criminals do not follow laws and making new laws will do noting
to prevent crime.
20) What is your position on sanctuary cities and illegal immigration?
I believe in States rights and also that cities should have the right to self governance.
However, cities that go against Federal immigration laws throw our law enforcement
system into chaos and their support of illegal immigration should be met with the
withholding of Federal funds from those cities.
21) What are your thoughts on subsidies for farmers and regulations on farmers?
If the Federal government would remove undue and burdensome regulations on
farmers, subsidies would not be necessary. Farmers can compete on the open market
if government will get out of their way and let them operate under the rules of capitalism


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