Greg Holt Answers CCTA Vetting Questions

Candidate Vetting Questions for 2019
Special Election to choose a member of the US House for 3rd District
Interview by Internet questionnaire

Candidate’s name: Greg Holt

Interview date: June 1, 2109

Party affiliation: Constitution

Phone: 252-474-9114


Postal address: 2021 HWY 17 N, New Bern, NC 28560

1) Who or what gives individual citizens their rights?

Our rights are given to us by our creator.

2) What position does the U.S. Constitution have in your view of Federal legislation?

The federal government was formed only to protect our borders and collect tariffs, not to legislate to an individual state.

3) How do you view the idea of the various states’ using the concepts of “nullification” and “interposition” when in those states’ view, the Federal government has overreached the powers given it by the states’ ratification of the U.S. Constitution?

In my view the states are well withh in their rights to nullify any overreach of power by the federal government.

4) What is the Federal government’s role in the education of U.S. Citizens?

The federal government should not  have any role in our schools at all, secretary of education and that branch should be done away with. We have great teachers that deserve better pay in many instances.  The pay to administration cost should e seriously evaluated.  Look at that and you can find a lot of teacher raises right there.

5) How should the Federal government’s budget be handled?

Question every single expenditure.  Vote on all line items individually.  Attached amendments voted item by item.   Make sure they are necessary and they are items that should be covered within our Constitution.
6) What is your view of the Federal government’s passing unfunded mandates which the states must fund and implement?

The federal government is overstepping their authority when they do this.  It is like the countries round the world are  telling us we must be paying in on climate control.   it is our country, we decide, not them.  So goes it with our states rights i relation to the federal government, do not mandate to the states or force implementation.

7) What is your opinion of NC’s proposed HB-184 which would prevent NC Treasurer, Dale Folwell from implementing his plan to make the medical charges made to the State Health Plan transparent (to the plan itself and to the beneficiaries of the plan for their co-payments), and to establish a reimbursement by the plan to health care providers equal to the average reimbursement by Medicare plus 82%?

Mr. Folwell’s plan should be implemented.  Medical expense charges  should be simple and transparent.  Something is wrong when payments to the state health care plan can not be seen.

8) Should any changes be made to how the Electoral College is used, and if so, what changes should be made?

No.  The system is working the way it should.  The smaller states need protection from the large masses in consolidated areas.  California and New York can not run our entire country.  It is set up for that reason.  We are supposed to be a representative government.

9) Upon election, what is your top priority?

Locally make sure our District 3 Office is operating with a full staff.  Have Glenn Batten, former Deputy Director of Veterans Affairs for N.C. take over issues for the 70,000 veterans in our District.  Our fellow citizens need a place to get answers.  Open one small office in Jacksonville (part time) and an office in Elizabeth City (part time)..  This way folks can get help without driving long distances.  My job is to represent and care for our fellow citizens.  Work with law enforcement to see how we can assist at the federal level to fight our massive drug problem.  Vote for border security and securing our ports  I will vote for what the majority of our district has voted for, and vote against what our district does not want, anyway to help our District 3.   I will work to get it done.

10) What are your beliefs regarding the foreign nationals who cross our borders illegally?

All entry into our country should be done by the legal process already in place.  Follow the Rule of Law.  I have immigrant friends here.  They have become great productive citizens.  They have come to our country for a better life and they have achieved that.  They are now citizens, just as my wife and her sister and my niece are citizens.  We used the legal process.  The cost of the process should be reduced, but it should be followed.

11) What is the role of government regarding impoverished citizens?

As a child coming up many people helped our family.  Later on in life, we helped others as we did better ourselves.  Friends, churches, non-profit organizations all from local or county or state can come together to help the less fortunate BUT the federal government has no role in this at all.

12) How can the government provide an atmosphere in which businesses can thrive?

Move aside and GET OUT OF THE WAY.  You cannot legislate food business, but you can destroy good business.  Look at the government’s success with business, postal service, health care.  Need I say more?  Keep removing regulations that are not needed.

13) Are our U.S. laws on immigration adequate, and if not, how should they be changed?

Yes they are adequate.  Just let them carry out what they are charged to do.  ICE agents, policemen, and judges should carry out their duties.

13) Do you think E-Verify should be universally used by all employers? And, if so, what should be the consequence of non-compliance?

Yes.  It is a way to make sure the companies are staying within the law and workers are here legally.  People in these companies hiring illegal workers should be fined and imprisoned.

14) Does the Federal government over-regulate commercial fishermen, under-regulate them, or is Federal regulation of commercial fishing about right?

Many issues related to our federal government are regulated by our sate legislature.  Many committees have bills and amendments before them and do not bother to hear the fishermen’s points.  They push the votes through saying they have not time to hear arguments of the fishermen.  That is sad.  Many of the committee members are not even from our coastal areas.  Many are representative are from inland districts, with their offices full of lobbyists.  Federal responsibility is more dredging and navigation and keeping environmental extremist from claiming more endangered species.  We should tax all fish being dumped into our markets at very low prices.  Our labor cost can not compete with 25 cents an hour labor.  Make their cost comparable to ours and our quality will win out every time, thus protecting our fishermen..  

15) Should Sharia Law or any foreign law have any force in any part of the USA?

Absolutely not!  Furthermore, There should be no Muslims in our Congress.

16) Do you believe our country’s southern border should be secured by a wall?

Whatever needs to be done to secure our borders should be done!  Troops, drones, walls, and  all types of surveillance should be used.  There are some dangerous people coming over hose borders threatening our safety.  we are 23 Trillion dollars in debt, we cannot continue the overloading of our welfare system.  So for safety, financial and the rule of law stand up America!

17) What would cause you to call for bringing impeachment charges against a judge?

Failure to make decisions based on the Constitution.  Stepping out on his own to legislate from the bench.  That is wrong !  Voter ID is a great example of a judge overstepping for political reasons.

18) What are your beliefs about Federal gun laws?

I will go back to our Constitution on our rights to  have guns.  I do not like the executive order banning bump stocks.

19) What is your position on sanctuary cities and illegal immigration?

All funds from the state or federal governments should b cut off.  The mayor should be held accountable.  Illegal immigration is breaking our laws.  If you are the mayor aiding a person breaking our laws, you should be punished too.

20) What are your thoughts on subsidies for farmers and regulations on farmers?

Subsidies are like putting a band-aid over a bigger problem.  It will make it feel better for a little bit.  We need to get thru the trade wars with China.  This is hurting us right now.  I respect that our President is fighting China on the dirty tactics that they use.  I do not think our farmers are wanting checks to come in from the US government, they want to trade and get a fair price and provide for their families.  Cut regulations!  It is hard to compete against 25 cents and hour wages.  Let’s look to get a permanent solution on helping the hard working mean and women on our farms.



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