CCTA Vetting with Kelli Muse, Democrat  Candidate for Craven County Board of Commissioners, District 7

Candidate filled in the answers to the questions herself.
1.  How do you want to be contacted?
Email.  kellimuse@
2.  Your educational background, experience and demonstrations of leadership?
I have owned my own business, managed large numbers of people, attention to details. I’ve also managed both federal and state budgets. Including grants.  I’ve had some college.
3.  Memberships and associations?   
 I am a proud member of the NRA, Ducks Unlimited and the Coastal Conversation Association
4.   Why are you running for this office?
This is my children’s home. Our home. My husband is a native. I have lived here 29 years. I love Craven County and it’s citizens. I want to be their voice.
5.  As a representative of Coastal North Carolina, what is your stance on regulation of recreational and commercial fishing? 
Our rivers and ocean are a precious resource. I expect both commercial and  recreational fishermen to be responsible. Common sense goes along way.  You can over fish areas. Just as in over use of any natural resource. Regulations are necessary.
 6.  Would you support a ban on Sharia Law or any other foreign law in America?
This is America.
7.  What place does God have in  public schools?  

 Where is God in homes?  I believe it should start there first. As children are in homes before school.
8.  Should high school students be taught our founding history and the details of the U.S. Constitution? 
Absolutely! All people should know the history of our nation. The good and the bad. The triumphs and the tragedies.
9.  Would you support a law to remove requirements for “Certificate of Need”?
10.  What is your position on gun registration, gun free zones and concealed carry laws?
I agree with gun registrations. I have a concealed carry permit. There should also be gun free zones. Schools. Courthouses. Hospitals.
11.   Do you support border security, including the  wall, and better controlled immigration?
 I do support border control. However, I also believe if you’ve been here for 20 years have a family, built a life you shouldn’t be forced to leave.
12.   Do you support picture ID requirements for voting? 
 I would be supportive if massive amounts of voter fraud are confirmed and proven. Until then, no.
13.   What is your view on nullification and interposition? 
 If it’s contradicting to the State Constitution, then yes I support it.  If not, then no.
14.   If elected, what is your number one priority?
There are so many local issues. A new by pass coming through our area. Work force and economic development. Our schools performance and standards. There’s much to be done. It’s all important.

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