CCTA Wake Up Call -August 13, 2017


This week we talked about how RINOs at all levels of government are stalling the movement in America toward more conservative government.  That movement threatens the control the establishment have had over education, the media, and entertainment.  That is more critical to the liberal/socialist cause than holding onto  the White House or the other branches of our government.

We also discussed our Open Meeting laws also know as Blue Sky Laws.  The Citizens for Better Governance in Beaufort County and CCTA in Craven County have had problems with the Commissioners of these counties failure to obey those laws.  In Craven, Chairman Tom Mark sequestered me and threatened me if I continued to interrupt Craven Board of Commissioners meetings to insist on adherence to those laws.

We also continued our discussion of the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as well as the usurpation by the Supreme Court of powers it was never intended to have by the founders.

You will find this week’s Wake Up Call interesting and informative.



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