January 16, 2017

Introduction of 2018 officers
and VISION for 2018

UPDATE! – Election Irregularities in NC

Major David Goetze (pronounced gets) will give an update on his efforts to expose possible voter fraud and his attempts to reconcile the anomalies he discovered in the 2016 election results data he found on the State Board of Elections website. Efforts to expose voter fraud are ongoing in many states across the country and Major Dave will share what he has learned. An example of the impact that voter fraud could have can be easily understood from the following example:

At  a recent Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Elections meeting, a presentation was given by Mrs. Kim Strach, Executive Director of the State Board of Elections, on the recent local/municipal elections just concluded.

The most significant data revealed was that in those local elections, 109 contest across the state were decided by 10 or fewer votes. 59 of those were decided by 5 or less. A few were decided by only one vote, which raised the issue of the statutory requirement for margins of victory to be within a small percentage in order to trigger a recount. Even that one vote is not sufficient under that statute in some small localities that have a low turnout of less than 100 people to meet even a 1% threshold, so the SBoE is asking the Committee to consider a change to the current statute to address this.

Your Participation in the process is essential. Please come and learn how you can make a difference!


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