January 22, 2018
Tammy Childers, Executive Director, Eastern Carolina Workforce Development Board, recently presented an update on the Board’s activities to the Craven County Commissioners.
Among other things in her introduction, Ms. Childers stated that she was tasked to measure the success of the Board.  That was the last time she mentioned anything about successes.
What she did say is that Eastern Carolina workforce Development has an annual budget of $5.6 million dollars and a full time work force of five (5) employees!  She also gave a lot of demographic data you can find many other places at much less cost.  She discussed the “STEM” programs in the community colleges and high schools in glowing terms, as if that Board had invented it.  However, she said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT THE SUCCESS OF THE PROGRAMS!  She provided no data on the number of jobs the people they have “assisted” have gained.  In fact, she acknowledged the lower than state averages of employment for their “service” area.
Commissioner Liner pointed out that she had not provided any such data, and I thought to myself, “PLEASE, GEORGE, HIT THAT HARD!”  Sadly, he dropped the subject after a short remark.  What a shame.  Commissioner Jones asked, “Why is unemployment increasing?”  If he got a straight answer, I did not hear it.
Judging from their funding of boards such as this one, the Craven County Board of Commissioners seems hell bent on providing us with a big, expensive, unproductive government!
Respectfully submitted,
Hal James
CCTA Watchdog Committee Chairman


  1. Hal James, Your article “Workforce Non-Development” is very inaccurate, and extremely self-serving. Much of what Ms. Childers shared with the commissioners is a 40 thousand foot view of a very complicated and successful state workforce program which supports community colleges, K-12, and local-area businesses. I suggest you get to know a subject before you criticize a person as talented and successful as Ms. Childers. Call her, and get your facts straight, and then print an apology for your poor emotional reporting. The Eastern Carolina Workforce Development Board is successful in leading the region toward developing skilled workers for employers in and around Craven County. They are responsible for tracking and funding training programs for Job seekers who may be unemployed, underemployed,dislocated, or transitioning into the workforce. Most are low-income, and cannot afford the educational opportunities that you were afforded, but obviously did not take advantage of. If you want to be an investigative reporter, do not lead with emotion, lead with facts!

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