Craven County Board of Commissioners Support our Commercial fishing Industry

At the most recent Craven County Board of Commissioners meeting, during the Citizens Petitions agenda item, Jerry Shield, Glenn Fink and I petitioned on behalf of our North Carolina Commercial Fisherman explaining the great pressure the recent efforts to reduce their number by the North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commision by narrowly defining what a commercial fisherman is. Our last Watchdog Report went into that in some detail. If you missed it your can read it by clicking HERE.

During the Commissioners’ Report agenda item at the end of the meeting, Commissioner Scott Dacey introduced a resolution he proposed to support our commercial fishermen and their families (incidently, when I say “fishermen” I mean men and women).

The Resolved clauses are as follows:

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Craven County Board of Commissioners supports the definition of commercial fishing that has been determined by the duly elected members of the North Carolina General Assembly and reflected in the North Carolina General Statutes.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Craven County Board of Commissioners strongly opposes the unnecessary effort that is now underway by the Marine Fisheries Commission to reexamine the definition of commercial fishing, and urges all coastal communities to adopt similar resolutions, and encourages all residents to vigorously voice their concerns about the latest attempt by the Marine Fisheries Commission to once again redefine commercial fishing.

Adopted this 5th day of February, 2018.

Signed by Chairman Thomas F. Mark and Clerk to the Board, Gwendolyn M. Bryant.

You can read the entire document if you wish by clicking HERE.



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