15 Successful Candidates on Gun Control

Gun Ownership?  Gun Registration?  Gun Free Zones?

CCTA’s vetting committee asked 15 successful candidates for public office the same questions.  It is interesting to note the answers given by these candidates to a question that CCTA members feel very strongly about.

Here is the question:

What is your opinion on gun ownership, registration, and gun free zones?

Congressman Walter Jones

Citizens of this country who follow the laws and the Constitution should not be prevented from owning a gun. The idea of gun free zones may be something for local people to discuss, but not at the state or federal level.

NC Treasurer, Dale Folwell 
My opinions on each are based on what the Constitution says, not on how someone interrupts it.
NC Auditor, Beth Wood
I grew up on a farm, so we had guns, and I believe we have a right to own guns.  I don’t agree that they should be registered.  But I don’t understand people having guns that shoot 100 rounds a minute.  I support background checks.
NC Commissioner of Insurance, Mike Cause
I’m a gun owner.  I’m pro 2nd Amendment.  I support gun ownership. I oppose gun registration.  My home was built in 1907 as a Remington hunting club.  It was called the Dodge Lodge Hunt Club.  I grew up with bird dogs, guns, and hunting. I oppose gun free zones. A gun free zone is an invitation to a criminal. Teachers with proper training should be allowed firearms.  Armed security personnel should be properly trained, too.
NC Senator Norman Sanderson, District 2   
Every American citizen (unless prohibited by criminal activity or it’s proven that you’re not mentally competent) should be able to own guns.  I think there should be some registration, but it shouldn’t be nearly as intrusive as it is.  I don’t want anyone to know how many guns I have.  You can put up a “Gun Free Zone” sign, but you’re just putting honest people at a disadvantage.
NC Representative Michael Speciale, District 3  
It’s pretty clear that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be abridged.  An act requiring gun registration is not a Constitutional act. Gun free zones are killing zones.
NC Representative George Cleveland, District 14
The Second Amendment doesn’t say anything about gun control, registering gun owners or their firearms. The movement to control guns started in the late 1930s when a few people convinced others they would be safer without guns, but the truth is an armed citizenry is a polite citizenry.  If you take away guns from law abiding citizens, you make us less safe.

NC Superior Court Judge 3B, Josh Willey

That’s something I don’t think the code of judicial conduct permits me to comment on.  I do see that the Constitution says gun ownership shall not be infringed.

NC Court of Appeals Judge, Bob Hunter
The 2nd Amendment covers it.
NC Court of Appeals Judge, Hunter Murphy
Gun ownership is important.  We are gun owners.  People need to protect themselves and stand up for what’s right if it comes to that.  I’m not in favor of registration because then the federal government and foreign governments would know where the guns are.

NC Court of Appeals Judge, Phil Berger

The 2nd Amendment is very clear about gun ownership.  I am a gun owner.  I have a concealed carry permit.  I cannot discuss the issue of gun registration because that issue could potentially come before me in court, and if I discuss it now, I could not hear the case if it came before me later.  Gun free zones invite violence and should be eliminated.  Law abiding citizens who have not committed a felony should be allowed to carry.

Craven County Board of Education, District 1, Stefanie King
I believe in the right to own guns.  There are times that you should own a weapon.  There has to be consequences for action.  I believe in gun free zones; such as schools, day cares, and places documented to have gun activity that has caused death, like Kinston.

Craven County Board of Education, District 3, Carr Ipoch

Citizens have a God given right to bear arms.  I am against high capacity magazines and automatic weapons without proper government oversight.  Registration is not a problem with me.  As for gun free zones, especially at schools, there are pros and cons to both ways.  I am well aware that the school as a gun free zones is a soft target.  However, I am not ready to arm the teachers.  If school resources allow, there should be a School Resource Officer who is an armed law enforcement officer, and each school should have a well laid out security program.

Craven County Board of Education, District 5, David Hale
Part of the Constitution is that we have the right to own guns, and we have the right to defend ourselves.  Registration was not intended, but I understand how it might be required today to make sure guns are not in the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.  I don’t have a strong position on gun free zones, but there are areas where there should not be guns.

Craven County Board of Education, District 7, Sarah Benischek

 If you are not a felon, or mentally deficient, you have the God given right to self protection including gun ownership.  I personally try to avoid gun free zones as much as possible as I do not feel safe!

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